Intergalactic Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

"Mom, Can I have a Star Wars birthday party?" Luckily, you can get some Intergalactic Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas for the Star Wars fan in your house!

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It is without a doubt that Star Wars is one of the most unforgettable movies of all time. This series of films by George Lucas are something that even now stir up our fantasies of riding spaceships and traveling around distant galaxies. Star Wars simply captured the hearts and imaginations of people from all ages, from all walks of life. If your little one has an upcoming birthday celebration and he or she is enthralled by this timeless movie, a Star Wars birthday party is definitely going to be a blast!

Think what your child likes so much about Star Wars. (Or are you the Star Wars fan?) Does he or she like watching each episode or do they like to dress up as one of the Star Wars characters? One idea for a Star Wars birthday party is having a movie marathon, where each of the film’s episodes are shown, of course with a few breaks in between. This is perfect if the guests are to spend the entire day or night in your house. That would be a Star Wars sleep over party! The movies will keep them occupied most of the time, and the breaks in between each showing will make them enjoy the birthday party treats.

Every kid surely loves to dress up and act as their favorite superhero, cartoon character or even a famous celebrity. You can come up with some Star Wars birthday party ideas for your child, or for yourself! Make it as elaborate as a costume birthday party. Ask every guest to come dressed as any Star Wars character of their choice. They can choose to be the good guys, the Jedi or the villains from the dark side of the force; it doesn’t matter as long as they are dressing up as a Star Wars character. What could be more perfect than kids (or adults) playing dress up as Star Wars characters watching Star Wars movies all at the same time?

You can have them view all episodes, or just a couple, just as long as the magic of Star Wars will be revitalized in their system. Then you can divide them into groups -- the good and the bad guys -- as they re-enact the scenes that made the most impact to them. Or they can even come up with original story lines and have tons of fun dabbling in role playing.

Star Wars Party Games

For parlor games, you can set up an obstacle course and put up a huge streamer saying “Star Wars Jedi Boot Camp” within the backyard or even in the living room, of course placing the furnishings into another room to have a spacious boot camp. Your little one and his or her guests will definitely have a great time undergoing a series of trainings dressed up as their favorite Star Wars characters, of course for prizes to win. A light saber battle might be a little to rough a game when a bunch of young kids are playing!

Which character is your son or daughter's favorite? Is it Princess Leah, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker? Maybe Chewbacca or Yoda? Use a favorite character balloon or picture as a party center piece. There are even free printable Star Wars coloring pages you can print out for free to use as a party activity.

Pictures of Star Wars Birthday Cake Toppers

What will complete Star Wars birthday party ideas more than a huge, Star Wars cake right in the middle of the table? Did you know there are even Star Wars Cake toppers? For the backdrop, you can raid the nearest party supplies store. You can use stars, planets and spacecrafts together with a huge Star Wars logo on a wall, and have each of the guests pose for the camera. Pop in a CD of Star Wars songs as all the guests enjoy their snacks.

Mom, Can I Have A Star Wars Party?

Star Wars birthday party ideas will be enjoyable for all the guests, and your child will definitely be glad about that unforgettable birthday bash. There are so many ways for you to get creative with a Star Wars party theme.

So when your son or daughter says "Hey Mom, can I have a Star Wars Party?" You are going to say..."Yes!"

May the Force be with you! Star Wars Coloring Pages

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