Star Trek Party Ideas

Star Trek party ideas will be fun for the entire family. Dad may be a Trekker from way back when, and Sonny was thrilled with the new movie release. If your little guy or girl really enjoyed the latest Star Trek Movie then Star Trek party ideas are just the right kids party theme for you.

You are in luck, because I just happen to be a know, a fan of the Star Trek movies and television shows. Who better than a real Trekker to give you some good ideas on how to have a successful birthday party with a Star Trek theme.

Beam My Party Guests Aboard Scottie

Begin by choosing your party invitations. You can make Star Trek invitations by cutting the shape of the Starship Enterprise out of construction paper. Write a clever little heading for your invitations, like, "Ensign, You Are Commanded to Beam Aboard the Enterprise". Fill in your party information...who, what, where, when and RSVP...and send them out! If you don't feel like making your invitations, you can also buy them.

If it just so happens that you would like to save as much money as you can on party supplies, let me tell you about the Star Trek party package.

There are enough party supplies for up to 8 kids and here's what is in the Deluxe Star Trek party package:

  • Includes 8 invitations
  • dinner plates
  • cups
  • forks & spoons
  • activity placemats
  • 16 napkins
  • solid-color tablecover
  • mylar balloon
  • 24 balloons in two different colors
  • curling ribbon in two different colors
  • crepe paper rolls in two different colors
  • star confetti
  • cake candles

Now the reason I told you about that party package first is because it has party invitations included. I didn't want you to rush out and buy invitations before you knew you could save some money. Now, if you don't like the Deluxe, there are other packages. The basic pack which has less than the Deluxe but is still a good deal, The Deluxe with 8 Favor boxes...this deluxe package includes everything above and some great Star Trek party favor boxes that have everything a novice Star Fleet Academy Cadet could want: The Galaxy favor box includes

  • a glow necklace
  • Pop RocksĀ®
  • glow stars (8)
  • binoculars
  • glow sticks (4)
  • Star Trek sticker sheet

The heck with the cadets, I want one! I love glow sticks and stars. You can buy your party favors separatly if you like, but I find it easier to get them all at once! There is also a party add on package which contains extra plates, cups and some basic party items for an extra guests who show up.

Star Trek Party Games

You can use the Rocket Ship Pinata as a fun party game. Just fill it up with some goodies, and buy the Pull Ribbon Conversion Kit . I like to make sure my pinata games are the safest ever, so I always recommend the pinata conversion kit. Pull string pinatas are just as much fun as the regular ones, but they are much safer.

Play lots of fun games, after all, Star Trek is fun. Where in the Universe is Mr. Spock is a good way to begin. Hide a picture or sticker of Mr. Spock in a plastic egg. Mix a dozen of these eggs together, and fill the other 11 with some candy. Let each guest pick an egg until someone finds Mr. Spock.

You can also use a game called A Vulcan Hunt...that's just a cute theme name for a regular old treasure hunt. Mr. Spock is the treasure in this game. Hide the eggs around your yard and shout out clues to the kids or tell them if they are hot or cold.

Pin the Ears on will need a picture of Spock and some cut out Vulcan ears and put some double sided tape on them. Give each child an ear, blindfold him, give him a spin and let him try his best to put Spock's ear on in the correct spot.

Can you tell that I like Mr. Spock from these party games? So let's switch to Jim Kirk. A simple kids game of Simon Says can take on galactic proportions when you change the name to Capt. Kirk Says.

Hit the Asteroid Get a big ball and have the kids try to hit a specific target. Perhaps an Klingon or Romulan ship that you have drawn on a cardboard box.

If your party gang is older Star Trek Trivia might be fun...I know my friends would love that...but we have following the escapades and adventures of the Star Ship Enterprise forever.

Star Trek Party Crafts

Here are some craft kits from the Oriental Trading Company. They have some of the best craft and activity sets for you to entertain your party guests. These space themed easy craft kits are perfect for a Star Trek party!

24 Awesome Outer Space! Sand Art Sets Shop for Arts & Crafts & Craft Kits. 24 Awesome Outer Space! Sand Art Sets Each assorted 7 x 5 self-adhesive board includes 8 bags of assorted color sand

Inflatable Solar System

Inflatable Solar System Display our solar system in true celestial colors! Based on actual representations of the planets' appearance from space their designs include cloud cover and weather systems too Our set includes the sun 8 planets and the dwarf planet Pluto This galaxy comprised of Jupiter Saturn Venus Earth Mercury Mars Uranus Neptune and Pluto is out of this world! Hang this set to orbit overhead your future astronaut's study table or desk! (10 pcs per set) 8 - 28 String hangers not included OTC Home

Design Your Own Rocket Ships

Design Your Own! Rocket Ships Blast off! Create the kind of rocket you'd like to fly! Made of paper-coated foam these gliders make a fun craft project for a space-themed lesson or event 10 We recommend using washable markers permanent markers acrylic paint or tempera paint sold separately online Simple assembly required OTC!

Make Your Own Solar System Stickers

Solar System Crafts For Kids Set of 12
Shop for Arts & Crafts & Stamps & Stickers. 12 Make Your Own! Solar System Stickers Blast off! These make-your-own solar system sticker scenes make fun party favors at your outer space birthday bash Featuring spaceships planets and stars they're perfect for decorating greeting cards invitations goody bags and more Each sheet contains 14 assorted stickers 1/4 - 4 3/8 OTC

Alien Gumball Machine

Alien Gumball Machine per Set
"Alien Gumball Machine. Choose this fun gift for the outer space fan on your list! Each plastic machine comes with an alien bean bag, sticky alien egg, bouncing ball, 3 test tubes of slime, 3 vinyl aliens and 3 mini paratroopers! Machine, 10"". Assortment may vary." He is so green! He looks exactly like what an alien should...the perfect party favor for your Star Trek party!

Star Trek Recipes

Star Trek Recipes will be fun to serve to your party guests. Out of this world party food seems in order when you are using a Star Trek party theme. Give your party food some Star Trek names.

Pizza is my favorite kids party dish, but you can call it Plutonian Planks. For your birthday cake you can make a Vulcan Volcano cake and you can serve some or Romulan Cheese pie (which is really a pizza) and of course you will need Klingon Ale. It's a punch that can be made out of cranberry juice and ginger ale. Something as simple as chicken nuggets can become Orion's Moons. If you want to learn more about some fun Romulian and Klingon food names, and recipes, you should take a look at Serious Eats

Star Trek Dress Up Costume Fun

There are plenty of Star Trek uniforms to choose from so if this is going to be a Star Trek Halloween costume party you and your family are in luck. Star Trek is a great theme for a couples or group costume. There are plenty of cast members to choose including:

  • James Tiberius Kirk
  • Mr. Spock
  • Lt. Uhura
  • Sulu
  • Scottie
  • Bones (Dr. Leonard Mc Coy)

And of course there are many different alien roles played by various guest stars through the years. You can be the Captain and your family or friends can be the crew!

If you like Space and Outer Space party ideas take a look at our Space Party Supplies and Decorations page. There are some out of this world decorations and craft kits waiting for you!

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