Star Trek Party Ideas

Star Trek Party Ideas - "Go Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Bring The adventures of the Star Ship Enterprise to your next birthday party!

If you have a Captain Kirk or Mr Spock fan in the house this is a fun kids birthday party theme. Find the party supplies and the fun party games you need to host a Star Trek party. Get some fun ideas for kids. How about some plates with Spock, Kirk and a picture of the Star Ship Enterprize on them.

Star Trek Dinner Plates (8)

Cut out pictures of the Federation Vessels and tape them onto helium filled latex balloons. Tie a long piece of curling ribbon on each balloon and you will have Star Ships and Shuttle Craft flying all around your party room. Use a Star Ship Enterprize model as a table centerpiece.

Star Trek Starship Designs and Vessels Coloring Pages

Star Trek Starship Blueprints - USS Voyager

Print out those Starship blueprints and let the kids color or use it as some kind of "Pin The Tail" Party Game Idea!

In fact here are some fun Star Trek party ideas you can use at your next kids birthday party...or adult Star Trek fan party!

Star Trek Party And Game Ideas

- Folks can come dressed as their favorite Star Trek Characters.!

- Play Star Trek Trivia!

- Schedule of favorite movies or episodes.!

- Use dryer exhaust hoses along the door frame or decorate your windows with stars. You can also use LED lights or PVC piping in different colors. Create a "Star Ship Look" in your home.!

- Have a birthday cake designed to look like a star ship. Use the Star Trek cake topper kit.!

- Star shaped cookies for the kids to decorate.

- Get Styrofoam balls and let them decorate them as planets.

- Serve punch with some dry ice in a punch bowl for that smokey look.

- Decorate pompom balls as aliens and hide them like an Easter egg hunt. Alpha Centauri Scavenger Hunt!

- Instead of making "punch" make "Romulan Wine".

- Have a costume contest.

- Make felt communicators to pin to kids costumes.

- Make felt Start Trek Emblems.

- Make your own aliens out of pipe cleaners and pompoms or clay.

- Strobe lights and a smoke machine to set more of a alien mood.

- Cover your walls with black and white plastic table cloth.

- Serve different foods such as sushi for that "alien" look.

- Chicken wings with "Vulcan" hot sauce.

- Meatballs as "Tribble brains"

- Serve gagh, or other wormy dishes.

- make Klingon "blood pie" with ice cream and cherries.

- Get a list of Star Trek character names and give each guest a crew member or alien cast member name.

- Play the "Which Star Trek Character Am I?" game...write a character name on a sticker. When your guests arrive put a sticker on their back. Make them guess which character they are. They can ask for clues but others can only answer in yes or no answers!

- Play the Star Trek theme song.

- Watch some Star Trek episodes or movies.

- Give every one Vulcan Spock Ears.

- Tell your guests to use as many Star Trek phrases as they can...each one is worth a point...the one with the most points wins a prize...Live long and prosper!

- Invite your guests to a party at Halloween and ask them to wear can hold a costume contest!

You can have a great time using Star Trek party ideas and wearing Star Trek costumes...take a look at the adult costume for women.

Star Trek Secret Wishes Blue Dress Adult Costume - Medium

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