Mad Magazine Spy Vs Spy Costumes And Collectibles

The Mad Magazine Spy Vs Spy Cartoon from the 1960's has costumes, collectibles and video games. There's even talk of a movie and director Ron Howard is interested. So pick out your costume....big choice coming your you want to be the White Spy or the Black Spy...if I remember correctly there's really no good guy or bad guy, it's all just fun.

If you are a fan of Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy series here is the Halloween costume idea you have been waiting for. Choose the Black or the White Spy for your holiday disguise this year.

Spy Vs. Spy White Spy Adult Costume - L/XL

Spy Vs. Spy White Spy Adult Costume

Spy vs Spy Costume Accessories

Don't need the whole costume for the Black Spy or the White Spy? Then this Spy accessory kit from Entertainment Earth is what you are looking for!

Spy vs. Spy White Spy Accessories Kit

Order Spy vs. Spy White Spy Accessories Kit from Entertainment Earth!

This costume accessory kit includes the Spy Hat, Mask and Headsock. Add your own white top and pants to this Halloween accessory kit to make your own homemade Mad Magazine spy costume.

Spy vs Spy Cartoon History

The legendary Spy vs Spy cartoon made it's debut in Mad Magazine in 1961. The wordless comic strip features two identical spies. Identical except for one thing...their color. There is one white and one black spy. These characters are in a constant battle trying to best each other with their antics. Each of the spies seems to win every other strip so there's no good or bad guy.

The comic strip's creator, Antonio Prohias was originally from Cuba. Prohias fled to the Untied States just days before Fidel Castro took over the last Cuban free press. A total of 241 strips were created by Prohias, with his last strip being published in 1987. Prohias played into the theme of mystery and intrigue by always signing his work in Morse code. Later, writer, Duck Edwing and artist, Bob Clarke took over the strip and today Peter Kuper ensures this iconic comic strip lives on.

This popular comic strip found it's way into the heart of America. Over the years it has resulted in Mad Magazine's Spy Figures, a Spy coffee mug and computer mouse pad, Spy trading cards and three Spy video games.

Look at these fun White Spy vs Black Spy collectibles I found at Amazon. There are games, books and trading cards for you to pick from. Use the search feature at Amazon to find the coffee mug and the mouse pad. If you collect Mad Magazine White or Black Spy merchandise click on the link to find even more items to add to your collection.

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