Sports Trivia Questions

Sports Trivia Questions Answers

1. In which sport is there a York round?

2. Which was the most successful Grand National horse?

3. In golf what would you put in your 'shag bag'?

4. The Sam Maguire Trophy is played for in which sport?

5. Matador and Sniff are two varieties of what game?

6. What colour is used to mark ski runs for expert skiers?

7. The first known what, happened in Wisconsin 1878?

8. Who would use a mashie niblick?

9. Coke, Rolex, Slazenger and Robinson's Barley water are all contected to which sporting event?

10. In 1891, which city held the first weightlifting world championship?

11. What's the proper name of a Texas Wedge golf club?

12. The first pucks used in ice hockey games were made of what?

13. In which sport would you find the Sag Wagon?

14. Who said "This game is about beating the crap out of everyone"?

15. What two sports use mallets?

16. Barring rain, during which athletic event would you get wet?

17. What weight category is the lightest in Amateur Boxing?

18. What tennis player's name meant 'Tall Trees By Still Water'?

19. New Orleans USA and Southampton Great Britain both have teams football with what name?

20. What do you need to play 'spangy'?

Answers: 1. Archery 2. Red Rum 3. Practice Balls 4. Gaelic Football 5. Dominoes 6. Black 7. Organised motor race 8. Golfer 9. Only adverts Wimbledon Centre 10. London 11. Putter 12. Frozen cow shit 13. Cycling - it picks up dropouts 14. Bears Quarterback, Jim McMahon 15. Croquet and Polo 16. Steeplechase 17. Light Flyweight 18. Evonne Goolagong 19. Saints 20. Marbles

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