Spin Art Painting Machine

Spin Art, the party and carnival painting machine is the perfect game for a kids carnival birthday party. This painting game has long been a favorite of kids, on the midway or off. Let your child be creative and try to win a prize too! Let each child keep the wonderful work of art they make as a creative party keepsake.

Here are several pictures and descriptions of the spin art machines for you to look over. Check the reviews of the featured spin art machines, you can learn a lot from other peoples experience with a product. You may just want to buy one for your carnival party, I'm telling you, the kids will love it. Spin art painting can be a little messy so be sure to cover the table or booth with plastic. Make sure you have all the materials you need and this will certainly be one of the highlights of your carnival party games.

I heard of someone making their own spinning painting machine from a salad spinner, but I never actually did that. So, if you decide to give it a try, make sure you do it somewhere you can clean up easily, just in case it makes a big mess!

Find more fun carnival game ideas and learn how making carnival games can be easy and fun. If this is the party theme you are going to use for your next kids birthday party, take advantage of our games and know how. We are old carny's from way back! Making Games.

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