Spiderman Party Ideas

Spiderman Party Ideas are great for kids of all ages. Spidey parties are also easy for you, Mom. There are plenty of decoration and game ideas for you to choose from.

Spiderman Party Ideas are good for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Play date parties
  • Sleepover parties

Spiderman Party Invitations

Every Spiderman fan knows that Spidey, that web-slinging guy in a red, blue and black costume, is really Peter Parker. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter developed the sharpened senses of a spider, along with some pretty spectacular abilities. With his new found superpowers and "Spider Sense" Peter fights evil.

Start your party theme right of the get go with some spidey invitations! They are easy to find in a neighborhood store or online. You might even decide to make your own party invitations. It's easy and there are several ways to do it.

  • Cut out Spiderman comics and paste them onto construction paper
  • Get some Spiderman stickers and stick them onto construction paper
  • Make some pencil drawings of Spiderman, or trace him, onto paper and write in your party information
  • Go online and copy some Spiderman clipart and decorate your paper invitations
Make sure to put the following information on your invites:
  • Who the party is for
  • When the party is...time and date
  • What time it's over
  • Where the party is
  • RSVP by a certain date
  • Phone number

Take a picture, it lasts longer! Pictures make a great gift to enclose in your thank you notes. Why not take some pictures of your party guests after you put some Spiderman tattoos on them!

Spider Sense Spiderman Tattoos Pkg/2

Spiderman Party Decorations

Spidey's colors are red, blue and black so for Spiderman Party Ideas those should be your decorating colors. Be sure to get lots of helium filled latex balloons. ( Why? Because they are cheap party decorations!)

You can rent or buy a small tank of helium from a party store and fill your own balloons or you can buy them pre-filled. Get some curling ribbon and Spiderman stickers and decorate the balloons. You can also put some Spiderman pictures on the balloons and let them float around the room. There are some pretty cool looking mylar Spiderman balloons.

You can make your own party centerpiece using a picture of Spiderman or a balloon with his face on it. Just weight the balloon down by tying the string onto something to weigh it down. You can use something as simple as a party cup with some rocks or candy in it as a weight.

How to Make a Balloon Weight

Spiderman Favor Pack* Pack

Spiderman Favor Pack* Pack

Our Spider-Man Favor Pack features a black mesh bag to carry your party favors. Each Spiderman Party Favor Pack includes five fantastic favors. Each black mesh bag measures 8 1/2 inches high x 7 3/4 inches wide and includes a drawstring closure. Send all of your friends home with these affordable favor packs. The Spider-Man Favor Pack includes: 1 Spider-Man Wristband* 1 Spider-Man Stickeroni* 1 Spider-Man Mask* 1 Galaxy Slime 3 Clip on Crawlie Rings 1 Giant Pixy Stix - Due to popularity the Giant Pixy Stix may be substituted for Wonka Fun Dip Candy. Assembly Required. Not all items may fit in the favor box. * These items are officially licensed ©Marvel Comics product.

Spiderman Party Game Ideas

What kind of page called Spiderman Party Ideas would not mention some party game ideas? No party is complete without some party games!

  • Spiderman Toss...Let the kids throw a soft beanie baby spiderman, or other plush toy, into a bucket or a box. You can decorate a sponge with a picture of Spiderman if you don't have a plush toy.
  • Get Silly String and let the kids make their own "Spider Webs".
  • Spiderman Scavenger Hunt...Mom, you hide spidey stuff all over the party room and let the kids have a scavenger/treasure hunt to find it. Why not put Spiderman toys into little red and blue plastic eggs for the kids to find.

Party Activity Ideas

  • Get a Spiderman coloring book and let everyone color
  • Print Spiderman coloring pages online to color
  • Use Spiderman temporary tattoos
  • Fill a Spiderman Pinata with Spiderman toys and goodies

Get Free Printable Spiderman Coloring Pages

More Coloring Pages

Free Printable Spiderman Rebus Game

Spiderman Cakes

Spiderman Cake Pan Each
Make a cake yourself and frost it. Use a cake topper, edible or plastic, and decorate the cake yourself. It will look great and it's easy to do. You can find cake toppers at Buy Costumes or The Party Works. They are inexpensive and really easy to use.

Spiderman Edible Icing Decorations Pkg/6

Spiderman Party Favors

Spider Sense Spiderman Magnets Pkg/6

There are so many ideas for party favors for a Spiderman Party.

  • Crazy straws
  • Spiderman eyeglasses
  • Wristband web shooter
  • Spiderman masks
  • Spiderman 3-D puzzles
You can also find many more party activity ideas and Party Supplies at Oriental Trading Company.

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