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Super Sonic Tails Relay Race

Sonic the Hedgehog Games are just what you need to complete your kids party planning. You probably have your party supplies already. You may even have ordered your kids birthday cake with an Edible Sonic Cake Image or did you get the image so you can plan to make the cake yourself? Look on our party supplies page to see how to order a Sonic cake image that's edible!

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Super Sonic Tails Relay Race

To Play Super Sonic Tails Relay Race you will need a relay race course. That's a start line, a midpoint with a laundry basket or chair in it and the start line becomes the finish line. And you need that times 2...each team needs their own course.

In a relay race the contestants work as a team. Here's how to get ready for Tails Relay Race.

-Step 1. Get two belts and tie a tail on the back of each one. If you happen to have a reddish, bushy tail that looks like it belong's to Sonic's fox friend, Tails, all the better.

-Step 2. Select your teams and have them stand at the start line. Each team member must put the tail on, run to the midpoint and circle whatever you put in the middle and then hurry back to the start/finish line.

-Step 3. As each player completes his or her turn on the relay race course they must take off the belt, pass it to the next player who must then put the belt on, race to the middle and so on...until every team member has completed this feat.

-Step 4. The team who completes the course first...all the players...wins.

Game Prizes are a wonderful way to reward the championship effort your guests will give games like this relay race. Make sure to have a fun game prize for all the team members! Temporary tattoos, stickers or glow sticks are fun party game prizes.

Find more Sonic the Hedgehog games and party ideas on our other Sonic pages. You can also find out more about the Sonic Characters while you are here.

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Check Ebay for some more Sonic party accessories! They always have lots of great ideas there.

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