Snowman Spool Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Snowman Christmas Craft  Ideas For Kids  Make a spool snowman ornament!

Snowman Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids Make a spool snowman ornament!

This Snowman Christmas Craft is easy to create. You can gather your own materials from around the house or you can buy a craft kit that will make 12 of these cute Snowman Spool Ornaments. They are perfect for a kids party favor...a holiday party at home or at school...and each child will get to keep their own...just like a party favor. It's also a fun craft for a winter's family night activity. Make your own Christmas Ornaments and make sure to write the date on them!

The craft kit is recommended for kids ages 5 and older. It includes wooden spools, buttons, wire arms and will make 6 Snowman ornaments. In the craft kit the pieces for each snowman ornament are individually packaged...I like that because then you can use these kits like a party favor and send one home with each child to make with their family. You also get the instructions.

If you want to make your own kit you will need 1 small sewing spool for the snowman's hat and 3 larger ones for his body. You will also need some small buttons for his buttons, a piece of material for a scarf, something to make his arms...use wire or pipe cleaners and you will need some yarn or string to connect your spools and make a hanger for this snowman ornament.

This is an easy craft idea for kids and everyone, including you, should have lots of fun makeing them. You can find these cute snowman Christmas craft kits at the Oriental Trading Company.
You can find lots of fun ideas for kids craft projects for Christmas, Thanksgiving...every holiday season of the year. Plus they have some great party supplies and ideas too.

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