Smurfs Party Supplies

Smurfs Party Supplies Are The Perfect Theme Accessories For A Smurf Birthday Party.

Go Blue this birthday with a Smurf party theme! You can find all the party supplies you need...invitations, plates, cups, blue party banners, party favors and even some Smurfy costumes. It's a wonderful blue world when you host a Smurf event. Make sure you buy blue everything...from the decorations to the balloons to the cake or cupcakes you serve. Nothing goes over in Smurf Village like the color blue!

Smurfs Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Smurfs Deluxe Party Pack

Click on this party supplies picture to find invitations, party ware, decorations including a blue banner and a 34" Smurf balloon, Smurfy party favors, temporary tattoos, stickers, Smurfs giant coloring book and crayons and even a Smurfs Toss Game!

Smurfs Toss Game

Get Free Printable Smurf Coloring Pages

Your Smurfy party supplies and ideas are going to need a fun activity and here's where you can get some free, printable Smurf Coloring Pages. Make sure to supply plenty of blue crayons or markers...lots of white ones too.

I've found over 45 printable coloring pages filled with your favorite Smurf characters...all free and just waiting for you to print them out. You can't go wrong with these coloring pages if you are using Smurfs party supplies!

Here are Coloring Pages Filled With The Smurfs!

Sing A Smurf Song!

Music is always a fun thing at a kids birthday party so get your Smurf CD's and have a sing-a-long or play a musical game like "Freeze Dance" to a rocking Smurfy tune. Here are the names of a couple of songs you might know:

  • Smurf A Happy Tune
  • Silly Shy Smurf
  • Smurf Macarena
  • Smurfy Girl
  • Smurfing Summertime

Names Of The Smurfs

I'll bet your kids know know all the Names of The Smurfs! Well, most of the names anyway. There are a lot of them so I just listed the names of the most well-known Smurfs:

  • Papa Smurf
  • Smurfette
  • Baby
  • Brainy
  • Gargamel
  • Greedy
  • Grouchy
  • Handy
  • Jokey
  • Lazy
  • Poet
Which Smurf Am I is a fun party game for kids. Put each of these names on a name tag with one sticky side. As each of your party guests arrives, put a sticker on his or her back. During the party the guests can ask each other questions about which Smurf they are...the questions must have yes or no answers. Let's see who will win the game by guessing who they are correctly.

Under The Chair Smurf Game...the under the chair game is very simple to play. Just write down the name of one of the Smurfs...say Smurfette or Jokey...and tape that piece of paper to the bottom of a some point during the party have the kids look on their chairs to see who has the paper with the name written on it...give that child a blue prize!

If you have decided to use Smurfs party supplies for your next kids birthday party, plan lots of fun party games!

More Smurfs Games For Kids

Give Your Party Guests Smurf Names!

My Smurf name is Ring-a-ding can make up Smurfy names for your guests too. Use this fun Smurf Name Generator to do so...or make some funny names up yourself.

Get Your Own Smurf Names

Smurf Birthday Cake Ideas

You can make a blue cake or cupcake by mixing blue food coloring in with your icing. Blue cupcakes or cakes are perfect for this kids party theme and will match your colorful party supplies. You can also find a cake topper kit or some edible cake and cupcake images to place on top of your baked and frosted birthday cake. Find lots of Smurfy edible cake images on Ebay!

Hope you found all the Smurfs party supplies and ideas you need to host a blue, blue birthday party for your child this year. But don't let the fun stop with a about a

Smurfs Halloween Costume!

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