Slumber Party Ideas For Girls - Teenage Slumber Parties

Slumber Party Ideas For Girls Are Fun. Teenage Slumber Parties Are A Bit Of A Challenge...Teens Can Stay Up All Night!

Find all the fun ideas you need to host a sleep over party for teenage girls. Activities, Cake Ideas, Party Supplies, Fun Sleep Over Games and even some Slumber Party Pranks is what you will find on this page. You can combine your own fun ideas with some of mine for some unique party plans.

Spa Day Personalized Invitation

Spa Day Personalized Invitation

Start off with some fun Sleep Over Invitations like the ones in the picture. They are just for a sleep over and you've got to admit, they are cute as can they will let your guests know it's a spa type party.

There are some different sized party packs you can look at and choose the one that is right for you. You might love might not...but for some people these are a great buy, full of everything you need. Decorations, party ware and even a fun pinata. The party packs also save you a little money. Of course, you can buy your party supplies in individual packages too.

Sleepover Dinner Plates

Sleepover Dinner Plates

Slumber party ideas for girls are pretty straight forward when the girls are teenagers! Teenage Slumber parties can be all about make overs and spa treatments. Play beauty shop, fix up the girls with some new hair styles, do nails and make up. Get some old dress up clothing and have the beauty queens participate in a fashion show where they walk the run way...or your living the dressy outfits you gave them. Make sure to take some slumber party pictures of the show! Pictures from the sleep over will make a great thank you...send a couple pictures home with each girl.

During your teenage spa event host a mud mask challenge. Mix different colored mud masks...pair up the girls and have one girl paint the other girls face. The best looking mud mask wins! Of course then the partners switch and the challenges goes on again.

Party favors can be spa treatments, hair products, make up or nail polishes. That's something teenage girls will enjoy getting and they will use them too.

Slumber Party Games for Girls: Makeup Makeovers

How about a cooking event at your teenage slumber party. Teens love to cook. Get each girl an apron and decorate them. Get some glitter, material scraps and fabric pens. The girls can have a blast decorating their own unique apron. Then the cooking can begin. Get individual pizzas and let each girl decorate their own with cut up vegetables. Take pictures of the food! Bake cupcakes and let everyone decorate them with different colored frosting and toppings.

Bake some cookies and decorate them. Play a game about it with Crazy Cookie Recipes Game

Crazy Cookie Recipes Game

Plan some movies for the girls. Ask your daughter what movies your friends will like to watch. Get ready for a movie marathon! Plan lots of snacks and goodies for the girls with popcorn topping the list.

Games, games, games...plan lots of fun games. Wii has plenty of games that are perfect for a party. How about Karaoke or American Idol? Board games are always fun to play too. You can also find some printable slumber party about one called Slumber Party Pranks Game

Get some slumber party ideas for girls with this amazing sleep over cake made with Twinkies! You can find it at our Sleep Over Party Cake Page.

Get Lots of Fun Printable Slumber Party Games!

For the very best slumber party ideas for girls be sure to include your daughter in on the plans. She will know better than anyone else what she wants her party to be like and she will know what her friends like!

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