The Skull Fog Machine - One Of The Halloween Foggers

The Skull Fog Machine Is Just One Of The Many Halloween Foggers Available To Help You Create A Scary, Foggy Effect For Halloween. It is called the Skull Mister.

The Skull Fogger is simple to use because you don't need to buy any "fog juice". That's the liquid you pour into most fog machines to create the mist. The skull uses regular old water to create the spooky, foggy look you are planning. Fog is scary and that's why so many people use these fog machines on Halloween. It's all part of the frightful fun we enjoy on this strange October holiday. This Skull creates a mist for a special effect to thrill your party guests.

Smoking Skull Mister

Click on the picture to get more information about this freaky and spooky Skull fog machine. It is a little less than 7.5 inches tall and has it's own misting mechanism. All you do is add water and you've got a skull mister!

More Fog Machines For Halloween

There are lots of different Fog Machines for Halloween decorating and other purposes. Here are just a couple of styles you can choose from if the Skull Fogger isn't what you were thinking of. There is also a container of Fog Juice in case you order a machine that needs it. If you do get a Fog Machine be sure to read about the Fog Machine cleaner that the store will sell. Like everything else, your fog machine will work at a more optimum level when it's kept in a clean and maintained condition. In other words, your spooky, scary equipment and Halloween decorations will work best when you take care of them.

Mister Kool Ground Fogger

Fogger Ice Machine

Premium Low Lying Fog Juice - 1 Gallon

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