Get A Skull Cake Pan For Your Halloween Party

Get a Skull Cake Pan and create your own scary, creepy cake to match your scary Halloween party ideas this year. You can make the skull alone or you can put it on top of a rectangular cake that you have decorated like a graveyard. Scare your friends with a homemade Halloween cake!

Look at this scary cake pan and imagine how gory you can make it look with the help of some red frosting and gummy body parts or add some glow rings to the eye sockets for an eerie look.


20" Motion Activated Skull Plaque

This is a motion animated Skull party prop, it is not the cake will find that at the bottom of the page!

There are a lot of fun cake ideas you can use for Halloween. I made cupcakes with skeleton hands coming out of them...these skeleton hands were about 4.00 and I think they were well worth it...take a look for yourself. Another fun idea I used with the skeleton hands was the styrofoam cemetery. Just look at came with about ten pieces and the biggest was about 15 inches...the pieces were much larger than I expected them to be. It was called a tabletop cemetery. Here are those scary pictures...

Here are my skeleton hand cupcakes and the tabletop cemetery scene.  I think it looks great on Halloween! The look great don't they? Try some fun ideas like this with your skull cake. Set up a scary graveyard scene around it. Toss skeleton bones on the serving table or put jar filled with latex masks and gelatin and assorted gooey, creepy stuff on your dessert table to make it look creepy! When you have found that skull cake pan keep searching for skeleton bones, hands or what ever creepy ideas you have. You know, heart, brain and hand gelatin molds can also create some creepy edible dessert dishes for you Halloween party ideas.

If you only see Skeleton Cake Toppers click the link on the bottom where it says see all items on Ebay and you will find lots more fun skull cake ideas! Hopefully they will have the cake pan you want, but if not, you can find other fun and creepy ideas for a Halloween cake.

Get Some Fun Halloween Party Ideas

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Skull Pitcher

Folding Skull Fence 48

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Lighted Groundbreaker Skeleton Body Parts

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Haunted Dead Tree with Skulls

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Bag of Bones (13 count)

Bag of Bones (13 count)

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