Skateboard Pinata...Tony Hawk BBHJ Party Ideas

Use a Skateboard Pinata with your Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam Party Ideas...your skate boarding fans will be so thrilled. Tony Hawk is famous for his innovative moves on a skateboard and if your child is into this sport...this is the perfect party theme and game idea for them!

Skateboard Pinata Tony Hawk Boom Boom HuckJam

You can find lots of great Tony Hawk BBHJ party supplies to go with this Skateboard Pinata at Celebrate Express...and you can do all your party shopping from your own home by using our online party supplies catalogs!

Save lots of money when you buy a party combo pack instead of each accessory one by one. Each basic party pack has supplies for 8 partiers. You can also find some unique party favors all packed with the coolest HuckJam favors you will find. The basic pack starts at 19.99, but you can get bigger and better packages...Now that's a good deal...check it out and have a Boom Boom HuckJam good time with all your Tony Hawk fans!

Make each of your party guest a unique name tag with trick names on them...Tony Hawk invented the following tricks:

  • Backside Varial
  • Shove-It Rock'n Roll
  • Fakie-to-Fronside Rock
  • Ollie-To-Indy
  • Fingerflip Backside Air
  • Varial Gay Twist
  • Gymnast Plant
  • Frontside 540-rodeo Flip
  • Lipslide Revert
  • Airwalk (vert)
  • Airwalk-To-Fakie
  • Madonna
  • Saran Wrap
  • Stale Fish
  • 720
  • Backside Ollie-to-Tail
  • Indy 540
  • Frontside Gay Twist
  • Nose Grind
  • Backside Pop Shove-it
  • 360 Frontside Rock n' Roll
  • Frontside Cab
  • Stale Fish 540
  • Eggplant-To-Fakie
  • 1/2 Elguerial
  • Frontside Hurricane
  • Cab Shove-It
  • 360 Varial-to-Fakie
  • Backside Rewind Grind
  • Ollie 540
  • Backside Ollie One-Foot
  • Varial 540
  • Frontside Blunt
  • Cab-To-Tail
  • 360 Varial Disaster
  • Heelflip Varial Lien

And that's only a partial list! That's why Tony is one of the greats!

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