Sid the Science Kid Party Ideas

Say Hello to Sid the Science Kid!

Sid the Science Kid is a popular PBS Kids television show targeted at the preschool audience. The main character, Sid, is an inquisitive 4-year-old who always wants to know everything about everything.

Set over the course of his daily routine of breakfast time, riding to school, looking for his friends on the playground, Rug Time with Teacher Susie, going to the Super Fab Lab and heading to Grandma’s at the end of the day, Sid brings scientific discoveries to real life while overcoming ethnic diversity in a positive, loving way. Sid’s three friends bring the show to life with their unique personalities. Read on to learn more about them!

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Characters of the PBS Science Kid TV Show

Let's meet the characters who star on Sid the Science Kid.


  • - main character
  • - 4-year-old preschooler
  • - older brother to Zeke
  • - lives at home with Mom, Dad and Zeke
  • - almost always carrying a microphone or magnifying glass
  • - biracial child being one part black and one part Jewish
  • - great observer
  • - very inquisitive; always wanting to know everything about everything
  • - loves to sing and dance
  • - wants to become a scientist when he grows up
  • - appears to be very supportive to his friends at school
  • - enjoys play dates with Sid
  • - 4-year-old female friend of Sid’s from preschool
  • - leader of the group during activities
  • - always pretends to be Mommy during play
  • - already able to read
  • - capable of climbing higher than anyone else on jungle gym
  • - most authoritative, composed and sensible child character on the show
  • - 4-year-old male friend of Sid’s from preschool
  • - appears to be the airhead of the bunch
  • - full of life and vivacious
  • - good friend to Sid
  • - identified by reddened skin and unusual hair
  • - pet dog named Chester (Jack Russell terrier)
  • - class clown
  • - pretends to be an airplane a lot
  • - often stalls when Rug Time begins
  • - 4-year-old female friend of Sid’s from preschool
  • - known by her glasses and soft-spoken politeness
  • - Chinese decent
  • - appreciates inanimate objects and considers their feelings
  • - pet cat named Mooshu (Manx cat)
  • - extremely smart child
  • - known for being fair, charming, courteous, sympathetic and sentimental

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Teacher Susie
  • - preschool teacher
  • - loves to sing
  • - hands-on teacher
  • - leads experiments in the Super Fab Lab
  • - helps students explore and discover scientific process
  • - mother to Sid and Zeke
  • - named Alice
  • - working mom
  • - drives Sid to school everyday while they sing a song together and share a laugh
  • - encourages Sid to use computer and school to answer questions
  • - She is a black woman
  • - father to Sid and Zeke
  • - named Mort
  • - Jewish
  • - working dad
  • - makes pancakes for breakfast
  • - helps a lot in care taking of Sid and Zeke
  • - grandmother to Sid and Zeke
  • - lots of energy and fun
  • - picks up Sid from preschool everyday
  • - hosts play dates for Sid and Gabriela on occasion
  • - adopts a dog from an animal shelter
  • - very eccentric
  • - baby brother to Sid
  • - babbles/talks to Sid at breakfast time
  • - sometimes has really stinky diapers

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Science Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Preschoolers will delight in a Sid the Science Kid themed party celebrating their big day! On a quest for learning all about something new each day, this science for kids TV show incorporates science into everyday life making learning fun. Read on to discover how to bring Sid’s scientific discoveries to the birthday party scene!

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Science Party Decorations

Here are some ideas you can use for your science party decorations.

- utilize the science theme which is easy and a perfect fit
- recreate Sid’s Super Fab Lab as the backdrop or on a poster
- drink from plastic beakers instead of cups
- set the table with small plastic tongs instead of forks for eating
- reinvent an old white t-shirt into a lab jacket by cutting down the middle and using double-sided tape to pin back the collars to form lapels
- place name tags on each child’s lab coat
- accessorizing with safety goggles is a fun addition to the science theme
- Sid the Science Kid plates, napkins and other supplies are available to purchase on-line and in stores

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Cakes and Cupcakes

Here are some easy and fun cakes and cupcakes ideas for your science birthday party ideas.

- bake a cake in the shape of Sid’s microphone - attach Sid stickers onto lollipop sticks to create perfect toppers for cupcakes - make cupcakes without icing and allow guests to add their choice of food coloring to plain white icing, mix like a real scientist and top to create their personalized cupcake - bake a cake in the shape of a magnifying glass and assemble cupcakes topped with plastic bugs around it.

Party Favors

Here are some fun ideas for your science party favors.
- microphones - magnifying glasses - plastic bugs - butterfly nets - journals - coloring pages printed from home

Sid the Science Kid Games and Songs

With boundless questions and energy, Sid's science TV show features many songs to help understand life’s smallest and largest wonders. Along with happy tunes, there are many preschool games perfect for a birthday party featuring Sid as the special guest.

Fun Party Songs

Rug Time

- popular song from the show
- Teacher Susie’s transitional tool to move the students from outside to inside for traditional circle time reading
- kids sing along as they make their way to the rug
- “Rug Time, Come on in, Rug Time, Take a Seat, Rug Time, We’re Ready, Everybody Move Your Feet…”

I’m Lookin’ for My Friends

- upbeat tune sang on the playground
- Sid runs around to find each of his friends
- at the end they all sing and dance together
- “I’m Lookin’ for My Friends, I’m Lookin’ for You! Hey, There’s Gabriella. Watch What I Can Do…”

Science Kid Party Game Ideas

Pin-the-Microphone on Sid

- variation of pin-the-tail on the donkey
- easy for preschool age children to play

Musical Chairs

- featuring popular songs from the show

Kid Science Experiments

Here are some easy and fun kid science experiments for your Sid the Science Kid party ideas. Kid science projects will thrill and amaze your party guests. Show them how much fun science can be.

- create simple experiments for young scientists

- volcano in a bottle can be made with a plastic bottle filled ¾ full of warm water, add few drops of food coloring and ¼ cup of vinegar then use a funnel to quickly add heaping teaspoon of baking soda to create the fizzy, overflowing eruption

- place different things inside of jars for kids to guess what’s in each one (peppermints, pickles, mustard, onions, chocolate, coffee, garlic or anything with a strong scent works well)

- guess the number of candies in the jar by filling up a glass jar with jellybeans, m&ms or some small candy and let each child make their best guess for a quick estimation game

Find more Kid Science Experiments.

Get Kid Science Projects and Kits Here

Kid Science Experiments and Projects are a fun part of any Science party. Here are some simple, but fun, science experiments you can use at your kids science birthday party.

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