Shark Party Ideas

Let's Get Some Shark Party Ideas

Shark Birthday Party Supplies

Shark Birthday Party Supplies and some shark craft ideas plus some games and you've got the makings for a Shark birthday party! Kids and adults are simply fascinated by these denizens of the deep. Use the many different kinds of sharks as party decorations and game ideas.

Did you know you can find some great shark party favor ideas? Birthday in a Box has some really cool favor ideas and bags for you. Take a look at this picture of one. Check out what's in it.

Shark Zone Favor Set

Sharks Personalized Bag Tag

Sharks Personalized Banner

Shark Birthday Party Games and Activities

Find Shark Birthday Party Games. You can find these fun shark theme games at Shark Party Ideas where you can find out how to play

  • Gone Fishing
    Send your partygoers deep-sea fishing with this fun and goofy game.
  • Over the Ocean
    Partygoers will get a kick out of this ocean-based relay race.
  • Octopus Tag Game
    Any "fish" caught by the "octopus" must help catch other "fish".
  • Shark Bait
    This game will have partygoers crawling all over the floor…
  • Sharks and Minnows
    Guests will love the classic game of sharks and minnows…
  • Sharks out of Water
    Partygoers will have a blast keeping their sharks out of the water in this wild race…
  • Shark Attack!
    Children will go nuts for this shark-themed variation on musical chairs…
  • What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?
    In this game, players will follow Mr. Shark until dinner time…
  • Sand Art
    Let children "color" a 3-D picture using glue and colored sand.
  • Edible "Sand" Art
    Fill a bottle with colorful layers of candy "sand"... then eat it!
  • Mouth of the Shark
    Guests will have fun pretending to be fish and avoiding being caught when the music stops…
  • Crab Walk Races
    This is one time when it's okay for your partygoers to act crabby.
  • My Ship Sails!
    In this game, partygoers try to be the first to get seven cards of the same suit...
  • Ocean Treasure Cake Hunt
    The cake is missing and the guests must follow the clues to find it.
  • Ocean Quiz
    Test everyone's knowledge of the deep blue sea with this fun quiz.
  • Shark Coloring Page
    Your guests will love decorating our printable Shark coloring page…

Shark Birthday Cake

Shark Birthday Cake ideas for your shark party. The kids are really going to flip when they see this cake! After all, it's not everyday you find a shark on a birthday cake, is it? Great White Shark Cake. This is a simple homemade cake that anyone can make...even if it is your first time decorating a birthday cake. It is fun to design your own party cake, so enjoy this simple cake with easy instructions.

If you don't want to make this cake, get some plastic sharks and put them on a blue frosted cake.

Shark Sticker Fact Book

Shark Tattoo Book

Sharks Personalized Bookmark

Shark Clip Art

You can use Shark Clip Art to make decorations for your party or you can print these clip art pictures out and cut them...let your party guests color them. That's a great...and a free party activity.

Shark Clip Art For Your Party.

More Shark Party Supplies

Here are some more shark accessories for your kids birthday party. There are shark squirters, big mylar balloons, stickers, even a pinata. Why not teach your guests a thing or two about sharks while you have their attention. Throw in a couple of well known, and not too scary, shark facts for the kids.

Shark Squirt

Shark Mylar Balloon

Shark Stickers

Shark Costume Ideas

You can find Shark Costumes. Why not have Dad dress up as a Great White...or for a funny costume idea be the man being eaten by the shark. It's a really funny shark party gag. Take a look and see.

Now, that's funny...the kids will love it.

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