Shark Pinata

The Shark Pinata is a great party game idea for your kids birthday party. It's always fun to play the pinata game at a party. All you have to do is fill the one you have choosen with some goodies and prizes and hang it in an area where there is enough room to create a "Swing Zone". The kids will break it open by swinging a bat or stick at it. You, of course, blindfold each party guest one at a time, and let them hit the treat filled game you have picked out. One of those hits will break it open and let the contents spill out.

Shark Pinata

Price: 13.49

Shark traditional style pinata makes a great addition to any ocean themed party. Adult supervision required.

A Shark is quite a mysterious creature to kids and they will love this one...Especially when they find out what you have hidden inside! This is a great game idea for a Luau, a Survivor or an Under the Sea party theme. You can also incorporate lots of information about the Shark to your party and help your guests realize that learning can be fun. Give each one a Shark tooth party favor.

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