Shark Cakes Make A Great White Shark Cake

Shark Cakes are not your everyday birthday cake design. When you need one, why fool around? Make a Great White Shark Cake for that special birthday guy or girl. The Great White is the most well known, most respected and most feared fish in the ocean. It's only right that if you need a fish cake, you make it a Great White.

What is the first thing you see on a shark...if you see it at all? That's right...the fin.

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Shark Party Ideas

We have some really fun kids birthday party ideas to share with you. If you are making one of these Shark Cakes and it is for a kids birthday then take a look at our Shark Party Ideas. This guide is full of fun party ideas kids will love and all the ideas are focused around the Shark theme. You will find everything you need to plan and host a party. From invitation ideas to party foods and shark party snacks and then on to the more fun stuff like games...Gone Fishin', Octopus Tag, Shark Attack and Shark's Out Of The Water are just a few of the fun party games you will find. Perfect for a Shark birthday party theme.

Shark Squirt

Shark Mylar Balloon

Shark Stickers

How to Make A Great White Shark Cake

How to Make a Great White Cake is easy as can be. You can bake a rectangular cake and a small square cake too. What you will need is a triangular piece of cake, so cut that out of the smaller cake.

Frost your cake in blue and make it is supposed to be the ocean, you can tip some of your frosting waves with white frosting to make them look more like waves. Then make some grey frosting by adding a little bit of black food coloring to white icing.

Frost your triangle in the grey and put it on the already frosted cake. You can see the most terrifying part of the shark, the part you see first...the fin. And there you go. I'll bet you thought there was a lot to this special birthday cake design, but it is easy as can be.

Here is another way to make a Shark Birthday Cake .

Find more party ideas at Shark Birthday Party page.

Fun Facts About Sharks

Use these fun facts about sharks as a party trivia game or just to share a little extra information with the kids.

Carcharodon carcharias is another name for the Great White. These denizens of the deep have been around for 400 million years.

Grows to an average of 12 feet long and weighs 3000 pounds.

If one tooth falls out another one takes its place.

They usually eat alone.

A shark's sharpest sense it the sense of smell.

Sharks can also sense electrical impulses sent out by fish.

There are over 350 species of sharks. A Great White can lift it's head out of the water...most sharks cannot do that.

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