Shark Birthday Party Ideas

Would your child like a Shark Birthday Party? Do you need some shark birthday cake ideas?

Perhaps they will become a marine biologist in the future. Marine biology is the study of marine life, and some people who work in this field study sharks. There is a lot of mystery surrounding sharks, and that makes them all the more interesting...don't you think?

Shark Gummy Candy

Sharks Personalized Invitation

Shark Tattoo Book

Well, there are lots of party supplies for sharks, as we can see from that picture. Shark party invitations and tattoos are a perfect way to start off your party plans.

Shark Party Decorations and Supplies

You can use plain black or gray party products for your party, in fact you can use red or bright blue...any color you like. I didn't find any with a shark pattern on it. There is also an Ocean Life design party supply set. You might like them. They have lots of sea life on them.

You can hang up some shark pictures and posters, or coloring pages. You can see a few cute favor and decoration ideas in the pictures on this page. Hopefully you will find some things you like. The big Mylar balloons are pretty sharp. If your child likes sharks...I know he or she will like them.!

Sharks Personalized Button

Sharks Personalized Luggage Tag

Sharks Personalized Magnet

Shark Cake Ideas

Every birthday party needs cupcakes or a cake, and when you are using Shark Birthday party want a shark on it. It's easy to bake your own cake, frost it and use a cake topper kit, an edible image or some fun candles to decorate the top. I didn't find a topper for a shark cake, though you can get an edible cake image to put on it.

Mini Shark Plush Toy

Nail Brush

Ocean Animals

What I did find was someone else who made a shark cake and here's how to make a Shark Cake! Just follow this link to the Shark cake.

Shark Birthday Cake

If you are using Shark birthday party ideas this unique shark birthday cake is perfect for you. This birthday cake was made with a square cake and a pound cake cut into four pieces. The pound cake was put around the sides of the square cake and frosted in a sea blue icing. The middle of this large square was colored with blue can also use darker blue icing. Then plastic sea animals and this case, a shark, were put on top. It's easy and fun to make your own birthday cake...and the kids just love how creative their moms can be. The Mom who made the shark cake picture also wrote "Beware Of Sharks" along the side of the cake.

Another idea for an ocean cake is a rectangular cake with blue icing on 3/4's of the cake and some crushed up vanilla wafers along the last 1/3rd...that's the sand on the beach. You can add a surf board cupcake topper and a palm tree on the sand for a little realism and then put some gummy the ones pictured on this page, in the water...there's your shark birthday cake!

Here is where you can find a Great White Shark Cake design. It is a unique cake design that is easy to make.

Shark Birthday Party Games

Here are some fun shark party games and some easy shark craft ideas. You can end the parties entertainment with a shark pinata. The kids will all be thrilled when they see this Great White, and all you have to do is fill it with candy and goodies. Get a pull string conversion kit to make it as safe as can be.

Here are some fun shark party games you can play:

  • Gone Fishing
  • Over the Ocean
  • Octopus Tag Game
  • Shark Bait
  • Sharks and Minnows
  • Sharks out of Water
  • Shark Attack!
  • What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?
  • Sand Art
  • Edible "Sand" Art
  • Mouth of the Shark
  • Crab Walk Races
  • My Ship Sails!
  • Ocean Treasure Cake Hunt
  • Ocean Quiz
  • Shark Coloring Page (see below)
You can find these games and more fun party ideas in our free party guide...Shark Party Ideas

Shark Pinata

Shark Mylar Balloon

Shark Sticker Fact Book

Here's our free, printable Shark Coloring Page Print out as many as you like and let the kids color away at your party.

Want more party planning help? Take a look at our party Tips & Tricks guide for more unique kids party ideas.

Don't only consider Shark birthday party ideas...why not think about some Shark costume ideas for this Halloween?

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