Sesame Street Birthday Party

a Sesame Street Birthday Party is really very easy to plan and decorate for. You know the history of Sesame Street and you know all the characters...when you know about the party theme you know exactly what you want. Who is your favorite character? More important, who is your child's favorite character? Is it Big Bird or Elmo? Perhaps it is Abby Cadabby, the little fairy in training or her friends Zoe or Rosita? Pick a character or include them all when you are planning your Sesame Street theme birthday party.

Nov. 10th is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street and it's a great reason to have a party. Celebrate your favorite TV show and all the Sesame Street characters!

Look at that wall decal set. You can see all your favorite characters on it. It's a fun decorating idea!

Sesame Street Party Supplies

Sesame Street party supplies are almost as much fun as watching the TV show! You can find a party pattern with all the Sesame Street characters on it, or you can find some with just one of the characters on it. So you can have an Elmo themed party or an Abby Cadabby themed party if you like.

Sunny Days Party Ideas

There is a party supplies pattern with the entire gang on it. It's called Sesame Street Sunny Days and it's a bright and fun de decorating scheme and it is perfect if you want to include all the Sesame Street characters in your party.

You can find lots of party favors, decorations and even cake topper kits to decorate your own homemade cake. That's always a lot of fun and everyone will be so amazed at the beautiful birthday cake you made and decorated yourself!

You can also decide to get the character shaped molded birthday candles, there's a great sticker activity book and even a birthday photo album to store your pictures. There is even a CD of favorite songs to use during your celebration.

Elmo Only Party Ideas

Elmo is a top favorite out of all the Sesame Street characters. And it's no wonder...he is as cute as a button and sweet as can be.

Elmo is lots of fun as a kids birthday party theme. As with all the Sesame Street party supplies you will find more than enough with Elmo on them. Party plates and cups can be found in basic, deluxe and ultimate party sizes. Each provides enough for a party of up to 8 kids...and each one is packed with more party goodies than the last. Check them out if you like your party supplies pre-packed. They can also save you some money, since it's like buying party supplies in bulk.

There is a giant air walker balloon of Elmo that is taller than most of your party guests! You can find a pull string Elmo pinata too. Just fill it with some goodies and let each child have a turn pulling the strings until the pinata breaks open...then, LOOK OUT! The kids are all going to be scrambling to gather as many goodies as they can. Give them a party bag to put their treasures in.

You can see the Elmo cake pan above. If you would like to make your own birthday party cake...that's one answer. Of course, you can also buy a cake topper kit to put right on top of your cake. Or you can just make a cake with red frosting...the kids will pick up on who it is supposed to be. You can even find an Elmo shirt, hat or a big mylar balloon. There are plenty of party favor ideas with this fun character too. Take a look!

Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Abby Cadabby party ideas are very similar to Elmo...there are just as many fun party supplies and favors for you to look at. Just like the other party themes on this page, you want party supplies that match your theme...well, there are lots of fun ideas when Abby Cadabby is that party theme!

Here's a pull string Abby Cadabby pinata that will delight and thrill your party guests. Pull string pinatas are safer than the regular model and if you are hosting a kids birthday should be first and foremost on your mind. Fill the pinata with goodies and let each guest pull a string until the pinata breaks open and the goodies spill out.

There are also some stickers, a T shirt, a plush Abby doll, party hats, mylar balloons and a favor box filled with Abby Cadabby:

  • sticker sheet
  • plush wand
  • pastel crayons
  • activity book
  • a pastel swirl lollipop

See what I mean? Aren't they cute? If you've got an Abby Cadabby fan in your house, these are perfect for her next party! Have a "Magic Party" with the little fairy Abby Cadabby as your party theme!

Have Fun at your Sesame Street party

Remember, a kids Sesame Street party is all about fun. Plan some extra games, bake an extra cute cake and sprinkle Sesame Street stuff in and you are bound to have a fun kids birthday party! Take pictures and enjoy yourself watching the kids have a blast!

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