Sid the Science Kid Science Party Ideas, Supplies and Experiments

Get Science Party Ideas from Sid the Science Kid. Sid the Science Kid is a favorite TV show for lots of preschool aged kids and that is why it is such a popular party theme. And now you can find some of the coolest Science party supplies with Sid the Science Kid on them. Find the fun kid party games, kitchen experiments and even free coloring pages you need to host a birthday party the kids won't forget!

Sid the Science Kid Notepads (8)

Sid the Science Kid Party Favor Box

Sid the Science Kid Party Pack Add-On

Every birthday party I know of begins with party invitations. You can find Sid the Science Kid invitations in one of the online party supplies catalogs we have on this page.

Sid the Science Kid Giant Wall Decals

Sid the Science Kid Invitations (8)

Sid the Science Kid Lunch Napkins (16)

You can also find kids party supplies on Ebay. It's easy to find invitations that are easy to fill out, have Sid on them and you can even find some personalized ones if that is what you want. You can have your birthday child's picture put on exciting is that idea? If you like you can even make your own party invites. Make them look like tickets to a Science Fair since that is the party theme.

Sid the Science Kid party supplies come in all shapes and sizes. You can find Sid decorated party ware...plates, cups and napkins...for this theme. There are also plenty of Sid party decorations for you to pick from. Decorations like a personalized party banner, giant wall can see Sid, Suzie the Teacher, Gerald, Gabriela, May and the kids from Sid's TV show. Plus the words scientists are known for...WHAT? WHY? HOW?. There are also latex balloons and party streamers in colors that match the Sid the Science Kid party supplies perfectly. And there are mylar balloons with more pictures of the characters of the popular preschool TV series. Or you can pick out the Sid the Science Kid placemats to set your party table with. Click on any picture to find more details about a product or to order Sid the Science Kid party supplies.

Sid the Science Kid 25" Pull-String Pinata

Sid the Science Kid 9 oz. Cups (8)

Sid the Science Kid Activity Placemats (4)

You can even find a fun kids party game for a Sid's a huge magnifying glass pinata...and there are also science party favor style pinata fillers. You will find 64 party favors in this bag and it includes tops, yo-yo's, toy guns, kazoos, mazes and more. There are 8 different toys and there are 8 of each toy. So fill your pinata with these fun favors the kids at your party will enjoy. One more plus about this pinata game is that it is a pull string pinata. That means it is a safe party game for young kids.

You are going to want to get a Sid the Science Kid birthday cake or birthday cupcakes for your preschool party. That's not a problem. You can find edible cake topper images with Sid and the gang on them. Buy them from Ebay or from your favorite bake shop. The edible cake toppers help you save money by baking and frosting your own birthday cake. Just place the toppers on your frosted cake or cupcakes and you are done. Of course if you want to make really fancey looking cupcakes you can dip the edges in sprinkles. Sometimes I even put extra frosting on the sides of the cupcake paper and add lots of sprinkles so the cupcakes look extra cool!

Looking for some really fun party favor ideas? Check out the Sid the Science Kid party favor box. It is a decorated box with all the kids from the TV show on it and it comes with favors for you to put in each box. These Science party favors include:
  • A Sid Sticker Sheet
  • Sid the Science Kid notepad
  • 4 assorted crayons
  • A temporary tattoo
  • A magnifying glass
  • 1 pack of Pop Rocks candy
  • Glow putty in an egg
These fun filled favor boxes will make your party guests smile!

Sid the Science Kid Stickers (4)

Sid the Science Kid Tattoos (8)

Sid the Science Kid Thank-You Notes (8)

But some people like to buy their own party favors instead of getting a pre-packed favor box. That's easy to do when you use Sid as your Science party theme. You can get these favors by themselves:
  • Sid Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Glow putty eggs
  • Pop Rocks
  • Crayons
  • Test Tube bubbles
  • Science kid notepads
  • Sandy candy in test tubes

Now for the fun stuff...the Science party experiments. What experiment is fun and easy enough for young kids to try? There are several fun ideas that work well with young party guests. Make your own slime...make your own bubbles...make glow products...guess what the smell is...there are also several science kits you can buy to provide some excellent experiments...stuff a science teacher would be proud of. You can find more fun Sid the Science Kid Experments Here!

If you really like this theme but don't feel equipped to provide some stimulating science experiments you can check your local phone book for some scientists who provide entertainment at kids parties. One group I know of is

Sid the Science Kid Science Coloring Pages

You have the pull string pinata but you are going to need some more fun party games and activities for your guests. Why not print some Sid coloring pages. You can find free, printable Sid the Science Kid coloring sheets here.

Get Some Science Party Game Ideas From Sid the Science Kid

Party games kids will enjoy playing always include musical games. You know the games I mean. Freeze Dance or Musical Chairs are always fun at a kids party. You can use the tunes from Sid the Science Kid or the theme song to the show. Fun Party Songs like Rug Time or I'm Lookin' for My Friends.

Rug Time is a song everyone sings as they make their way over to the rug so Teacher Susie can read to the kids. You can use it as a musical party game song. It goes, “Rug Time, Come on in, Rug Time, Take a Seat, Rug Time, We’re Ready, Everybody Move Your Feet…”

I’m Lookin’ for My Friends is another fun, upbeat tune from the show. During this song Sid is usually looking for his friends but it would make a great musical game tune. “I’m Lookin’ for My Friends, I’m Lookin’ for You! Hey, There’s Gabriella. Watch What I Can Do…”

Pin the Tail is always a fun party game for kids too, but you have to make this version of the pin the tail party game scientific...something like Pin-the-Microphone on Sid! Sid always has one of two things in his hands, a microphone or a magnifying take your pick. Get a poster of Sid and make some microphone, magnifying glass or even science beaker cut outs from colored paper. Use two sided tape so they stick on Sid's picture when the kids try to pin them on Sid.

Need more fun Science party ideas? How about Sid candy wrappers to put on candy bars or magnifying glasses to hand out to the kids so they can examine everything at your party. Type up a booklet of fun and easy science experiments for the kids to do at home with their parents. Punch a hole in your pages and tie them together with yarn or ribbon to form the booklet. A really super party favor idea or a fun thing for the birthday boy or girl to wear is a Sid the Science Kid T-shirt.

Sid the Science Kid T-Shirt (3T)

Sid the Science Kid T-Shirt (4T)

Sid the Science Kid T-Shirt (5/6)

Get more fun ideas at our other science party pages.

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Need anything else? Just contact us with any questions you have. We love to hear from our visitors! Enjoy your kids science party!

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