Science Party Supplies

So you need science party supplies to go with your science party ideas! First on this page you will find fun science experiments for kids like:

  • Magnetic
  • Edible
  • Solar Energy
  • Snow
You will also find some great science party crafts and activities to keep all those little mad scientists happy and busy. You are going to have fun just shopping! If you want to see party favors and craft ideas Click here! and the link will take you to the bottom of the page.

A science party is really a great kids birthday or anytime party theme. It shows the kids that learning can be fun. With some very cool science experiments like making ice cream, or gum, or learning about solar power or's really a mind opener. Take a look at our selection of Science Experiment Kits and then you will see a great selection of science party favor and craft ideas!

All the In Stock science experiments are 25% off until mid-August. Get these very cool science experiments now and save money!

Very Cool Science Experiments

Amazing Science Detective Kit

Amazing FX Snow Science Kit

Amazing Glow Science Kit

Amazing Ooze Science Kit

Amazing Yuck Science Kit

Blast of Color Science Kit

Colossal Crystals Science Kit

Disgusting Gags and Pranks Science Kit

Energy Science Kit

Erupting Sparkling Fizzy Fun Science Kit

Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

Ice Cream Science Kit

Magnetic Magnetism Science Kit

Mind Blowing Science Kit

Minerals, Geodes and Fossils Science Kit

Motion Science Kit

Rocket Car Science Kit

Science Party Favor and Craft Ideas

Brain Jello Mold

Brain Jello Mold

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