Fun School Thanksgiving Party Games

Hello Class Mothers and Teachers! Here are some fun school Thanksgiving party games to play in the classroom. There are tons of fun party games to play at school and here are a few ideas for you to plan your parties activities.

A Gratitude Bag

How to make gratitude bag! Fill a bag with some cards, but first write some words or put some stickers on them. You can write Thanksgiving, on some put a car sticker, or pictures of clothes, toys, just about anything will do. Have each child pull a card out of the bag. If there is a word, other than Thanksgiving on the card, the child must tell why they are thankful for that item.

If the student pulls out the card with Thanksgiving written on it they've got to think of something they are grateful for.

Wait until you hear some of the funny comments kids will come up with. It's a fun way to help each child understand that not everyone has a car or shoes or toys. You can tell a story about children who don't have all the things we are used to and don't even consider to be a luxury.

Thanksgiving Word Find

A word find games are great for school Thanksgiving party games. Learning and having fun doing it is what school should be all about!
Make a Thanksgiving word find puzzle for the class. You can use anyword that is connected to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here is a short list with some ideas for you:

  • Mayflower
  • Turkey
  • Pilgrim
  • Cornucopia
Have each child find as many smaller words as they can from each word. For example Mayflower contains the words May, flower, flow,fly, wore and yam. It's a good way to challenge the kids while they are having fun!

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Have the kids sit in a circle and start the game by saying "At Thanksgiving I like to eat"...and add 1 food item. The next child repeats the entire phrase and adds his own favorite food to it. And so on it continues with each child repeating the phrase and adding onto it. When anyone misses an item in the list they are out. The game is over when only one child is left. If the kids enjoyed the game that child can be the one to start the game over again by saying At Thanksgiving I like to eat...and his favorite food item.

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