Scavenger Hunts Lists and Ideas

We put together some fun scavenger hunts ideas so you can find one that goes with your party theme. It's a fun party game that kids, teens and adults will enjoy. Find out how to play and the different ideas you can use to organize your hunt. Find list ideas and clues to help everyone involved have lots and lots of fun.

There may be some people who are scratching their heads and thinking, "What is a scavenger hunt?". For those of your who are not familiar with this fun party game, let me tell you exactly what it is.

Similar to a treasure hunt, a Scavenger Hunt is a searching game with a list or clues. You usually play it with two or more teams. Get a group of your friends and pick the teams. Get a list of things for the teams to find, set a time limit and agree to meet back at the starting point with as many items on the list as each team can find. The team who has found the most items on the list wins!

Adults, hopefully you know the rules involved with playing games. Kids, just as with any other game, scavenger hunts do have some rules.

  • Always include an adult in your plans and let your parents know about it. The adult in charge is usually the parent of the hunt organizer.
  • Never take anything without asking the owner.
  • Always return what you have taken.
Pick a fun or interesting topic for your scavenger hunt, and don't make your list too difficult for the teams to find.

Here is an example of a hunt list.

The topic of this list is your town. I found this on the government's web site at See if you can find these (if you don’t know what something is, ask an adult):
  • A picture of the mayor of your town or city
  • A copy of your town or city’s charter
  • Any document issued by the Federal Government
  • A bus schedule
  • A picture of your town’s or city’s official seal
  • A picture of a school - not your own!
  • The address of the Chamber of Commerce for your town or city
  • A map of your state - and you have to point out where your town or city is!
  • Minutes of a city council meeting
  • A copy of the front page of your town’s or city’s web site
  • Something in writing that tells how many people live in the city
  • A picture of any historical landmark in the city
  • A picture of your Congressman
  • A program or flyer from a local arts event
  • The names of all the city council members
  • A brochure or flyer from the local historical society
  • Something that gives information about your local hospital
  • A list of schools in your town or city
  • A copy of the front page of the local newspaper
  • A change of address card from the post office
  • The phone number of the local police department
  • Anything with the colors or mascot of a local college or community college
  • A library card A shopping bag from a local mall
  • A picture of the state flag
  • A picture of the state bird
  • A schedule of activities or a pamphlet from a local nursing home or senior citizens center
  • A sticker or button from a local election
  • A list of safety tips from the local fire department

This is a great list, it's long and full of lots of different items. You can also see how some things on this list would be easy to find, but some things would be hard. That's a good mix to remember when you are making up your own list since the challenge is a big part of the fun of any kind of hunt.

This example is also a good idea for you and your friends to use. Feel free to use it as it is, or take some of the ideas from it when you are planning to play this game with your friends. You can hunt around your town. Scavenger hunts should be in a familiar area, so this one might work out very well for you and your teams.

Free Scavenger Hunt List of Ideas

The List:

  • Baby Shower...this is an easy hunt to prepare questions and challenges for. Everything must be something the new mom will need when her baby comes.

  • Bachelorette Party list
  • Beach is a wonderful game theme. The seashore is loaded with fun stuff to gather or take pictures of. How about the surf, a wave, some sand, sea glass, picture of a sea bird and a crab

  • Bible
  • Bridal Shower
  • Camp
  • Career...A career fair search...this is so much better than a regular career fair...don't you think? Let the kids discover the different kinds of jobs there are and what it takes to get them.

  • Color
  • Constitution
  • Dinosaur
  • guessed it...this hunt is going to be focused on all things related to might use an Easter egg or the Easter bunny, a carrot, egg dye package, a basket or some colored grass!

  • Fire Squad
  • Geography
  • Going Green
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  • Health
  • Ideas for Kids
  • Internet Questions and Answers
  • Key West
  • Mall...this is a game teenagers and tweens will enjoy...since there's nothing better at that age than the mall!

  • Math
  • The Museum...Imagine how varied this hunt can be. The museum is filled with interesting paintings, history lessons, dinosaur bones, facts about the sea, the land and the sky.
  • Photo list

  • St Patricks Day
  • Scavengeroogle
  • The Great Urban Race
  • Treasures in Nature
  • Christmas
  • Neighborhood
  • Outdoor
  • Songs
  • Sleepover Party...give the girls ten minutes to find all their bedding materials when they arrive at your sleepover! Start the fun off right away.

  • How the Body Works
  • Nursery Rhyme
  • People
  • Presidents
  • Riddles
  • Road Trip...Now you know how to keep the kids, and the adults, alert and entertained on a road trip. Give them a scavenger hunt list...things they have to see while on the road. The first idea that comes to mind for your list is a car license plate from each state! And that's only the beginning...

  • Valentines Day
  • Video Ideas
  • Yellowstone Website
  • The Zoo is another wonderful topic for a hunt. There are some great clue ideas or topics for people to search for. An animal that lives in the desert, or the Antartic.

You can take from the ideas listed here or you can come up with your own personalized list of things to find from your favorite hobby or place. I know most tween and teenaged girls love the Mall list! What ever you decide to do, remember this is all in fun, so enjoy yourself!

There's even a board game for kids! Here's a game for kids for an indoor hunt.

Would you like to learn more? Here is the name of a DVD with an actual hunt on it, just in case you would like more information about them.

If you think of more,(and I am sure you will have loads of fun ideas to share with us!) please let us know your fun scavenger hunt ideas, we would love to hear them. We would enjoy your creative and unique ideas!

Do You Have Any Scavenger Hunt Themes?

Share your Scavenger Hunt List Ideas with the rest of us...and why you are here, take some of our ideas too. Scavenger hunts make a great kids birthday party game. Anyone who has some fun ideas for scavenger hunt clues, themes or lists...we are interested in hearing your fun party game ideas!

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