Scavenger Hunt Themes

Scavenger Hunt Themes for a kids birthday party game. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone in the party involved and having fun! There are many different ways to plan a successful scavenger hunt. All involve being well prepared ahead of time. Once the guest list is decided, and you know how many people will be attending, you can choose the Scavenger Hunt Theme and pick the teams.

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Things to have ready

  • Papers listing the scavenger hunt items
  • Bags to hold the items, if necessary
  • Pencils for recording information or checking off items
  • Transportation if the party is to be held at a mall or park

If you are looking for some theme ideas for your party take a look at these helpful Themed Party Guides. These guides can help you plan your party...the food, the decorations, the supplies, even the party games and craft ideas you need to make your party a success.

Scavenger Hunt Theme Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Theme Ideas can be found everywhere. Traditional neighborhood scavenger hunts are played by searching throughout your neighborhood for items from the list.

  • Teams can either find particular objects or knock on doors to request items.
  • It is a good idea to have an adult with each team for safety purposes.
  • Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt and be sure every team has a way to keep track of time.
  • A general list includes such things as; a blue crayon, a band-aid, a nail, something pink, a penny and something broken.
  • The first team back to the meeting place with the most items wins.

Find more information at Scavenger Hunt Clues.

The Nature Scavenger Hunt

The great outdoors, nature, give us one of the best scavenger hunt themes. Natural items can be the focus of the scavenger hunt and there are hundreds of choices for your list. Have the teams collecting things like; a round rock, leaves from three different kinds of trees, an acorn, a berry, a pine cone, a flower and so on. When the children have collected all the items on the list let them use these things and make a craft project.

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The Digital Scavenger Hunt

Choosing to do a digital scavenger hunt is another option. Make out a list of things for the teams to capture on camera. Include pictures of the team doing interesting or silly things. Ideas include the following; create a pyramid with the whole team, hug a tree, have a team member touch a stop sign and ring the door of a neighbor or get a photo with a policeman. You can add to your list by asking for pictures of a mailbox, the corner store, a green house...list ideas go on and on. Just think about your neighborhood and start writing!

A Scavenger Hunt At The Mall

What's more natural than taking teenagers to the mall? Well then, this is another wonderful option for your scavenger hunt themes. Taking the group to another location is also a lot of fun when planning a scavenger hunt party. Mall scavenger hunts can turn a regular trip to the mall into a real party! Conduct a scavenger hunt with freebies found in the mall. Make a list of common free items found throughout the mall such as credit card applications, a straw, a napkin, a sample and so on. Taking a preliminary trip to the mall with the birthday child to find items to put on the list is a special time in itself.

Twilight Novel Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Plan a Twilight Novel Photo Scavenger Hunt. Get your guests to take pictures of different things from any of the Twilight Novels...a picture of the moon or a dog that looks like a wolf for New Moon. An apple or red ribbon for Twilight, or even a picture of an old red truck, a silver Volvo or Rosalie's BMW convertible. You get the idea...use ideas from the Twilight Saga to make up your hunt list.

Use these scavenger hunt ideas carefully. Always plan to have an adult travel with scavenger hunters. Kids shouldn't be unsupervised. Keep your lists short and don't make them too difficult. After all, this is supposed to be fun. Keep it light and interesting!

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