Five Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Here are five scavenger hunt list ideas to use with your next kids birthday party ideas. Scavenger hunts are fun activities that promote cooperation and teamwork. A scavenger hunt is a great kids’ birthday party idea, because it can be adapted for almost any age, and it can make every child at the party feel included. You can choose from any number of themes, based on the kids’ ages, or the birthday party’s theme itself. If you want to make the scavenger hunt both fun and educational, consider using one of the following five list ideas, which help the young participants learn while they’re playing.

The key to a successful scavenger hunt for young kids is to keep the game short, and to reward everyone for their hard work. It’s a great idea to recognize the winning team, and to give small prizes to everyone who participates. Decide ahead of time whether the hunt will take place indoors only, or if the teams will have the freedom to go outside and around the neighborhood, with adult supervision if necessary. Here are five scavenger hunt list ideas for your next kids birthday party.

1. Colors You could choose one color (such as the birthday girl or boy’s favorite color) and have all of the items on the list be that color. Another option is to have one item of each color of the rainbow, for example.

2. Numbers To learn about counting and numbers, the teams could be asked to find something that has three stripes on it, or four sides.

3. Vehicles Teams have to find an example or picture of each of the following modes of transportation: plane, train, car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, and helicopter. You can name the exact objects, or you can provide clues and have the teams figure out exactly what they need to find.

4. Animals This would be a fun list of ideas for a birthday party with a safari or circus theme. Don’t worry; no live animals need to be included in the scavenger hunt! Teams can look for pictures, stuffed animals, and books.

5. Nature items This list idea would work best for a party where the children can go outside in the yard, or walk through the neighborhood, to find some simple objects in nature.

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