Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Clues~A Fun Kids Party Game

by Jillian

The Around Town Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Clues

When you plan an around town scavenger hunt, make a simple list of ideas. This is a two fold hunt, it includes items to collect and some it is also a picture scavenger hunt, so arm everyone with a disposible camera so each team can collect the pictures they need to win a prize. The clues list for this hunt can include things like a gas receipt from a gas station, a take out menu of a restaurant in town, a bank envelope, a local business card, and a free promotional pen.

Now for the picture side of this hunt. A person walking their dog, a family with children, a big house, the fanciest car, the biggest tree, an acorn, a fire hydrant, a mail box, a delivery truck, a welcome can add just about anything you like to this list of hunt clues. Just be sure to have your groups supervised...after all, if you are hosting this party, you are responsible for your guests. Keep the hunt local and always know where everyone is at all times. Now get working on your Scavenger hunt list!

Oh, remember to set a time limit so all your groups know when to return home. Give everyone who participated in the Scavenger hunt a prize...with the winning team getting the biggest!

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