Scavenger Hunt Clues

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ USA)

Here are some scavenger hunt clues for a pirate birthday party

Here are some scavenger hunt clues for a pirate birthday party

Scavenger hunts need two things. They need lots of scavenger hunt clues and a bunch of kids...that combination equals fun and success!

This is a great idea to use as a fun game for a kids birthday party. It is interesting, challenging and includes all the kids. It can be played as an individual challenge or as a team effort. I like a team effort best. It is also easy to personalize a hunt for your child's birthday party theme...which makes it even more fun.

You can use rhyming clues if the kids are old enough. You can write the first clue on paper, like, "the first clue you can look for is near my outside shed door." The group will go out to your shed and find the second scavenger hunt clue waiting for them. Designate a different color paper for each team, this way each team finds their own clues by color.

If the kids are too young to figure out a tricky clue give them a simple one. Look for your clue by the red ball in the backyard. You can just read the clues to them as they search along.

Scavenger hunts and the clues you use can relate to your party theme. Let's say you are hosting a Halloween party. All your clues will be related to Halloween. If it's a pink pirate birthday party for girls, you can put a skull and crossbones sticker on all your clues and add a little pirate humor to each one...AARG...if Ye can't find the clue Ye can Walk The Plank Matie...The secret lies near the X in the sandbox. You can be as silly or as serious as you like, after all, you are writing the scavenger hunt clues. And remember, any party theme can be incorporated into a scavenger hunt.

Even teens will enjoy a scavenger hunt at their party...and you know how tough it is to think of games teenagers will like. Just keep the clues interesting and challenging. No one likes a hunt when the clues are too easy. Let the teens use a camera to take pictures...that will put an interesting twist on their hunt.

Scavenger hunts are always a fun and interesting game for any children's party, it doesn't matter if the kids are 4 or 14. You can customized your scavenger hunt clues and riddles to fit in with the party theme and to fit with the ages of the people attending the party.

That is the key to hosting a fun scavenger hunt. Keep the clues and the difficulty level equal to the kids ages, and keep it as imaginative as you can.

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