Scavenger Hunt Clues, DVDs and Lists

How to get Scavenger Hunt Clues for your kids birthday party, it's a fun party game that the kids will enjoy playing.

Scavenger hunts are a fun event for a kid’s birthday party that involves all children at the party. There are many ways a person could organize a scavenger hunt. It is important to decide on a theme for the game and tailor the clues to the ages of the party guests.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

One way to have a fun scavenger hunt for older children is by using rhyming clues. For instance, a parent could give the children the first clue written on a piece of paper. The first clue may be written something like this: "Walk over to where the flowers grow; you will need to search in the dirt among your toes". Next the children would search in the garden dirt for the next clue. This type of clue is entertaining for the children and helps them work in a group.

If the party guests are younger, a parent may give each child a list of clues that are fairly simple, such as "Look in the flowerpot around the leaves". This type of clue is geared more towards the younger child so they will not feel too frustrated while figuring out the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Theme

Scavenger hunts can easily be changed according to the party theme. If a child is having a Halloween party, your scavenger hunt may include clues that relate to Halloween. You may include clues about pumpkins or witches. A way to present the Halloween scavenger hunt clues is to write them on Halloween themed paper. Any party theme can be incorporated into a scavenger hunt.

Teenagers also enjoy having scavenger hunts at their parties. To keep teenagers interested in a scavenger hunt, it is important to keep the clues interesting and fairly difficult. For instance, teenagers could have a longer game where they had to go throughout the neighborhood to find their clues.

Scavenger hunts are a fun and interesting game for any children's party, regardless of the age of the guests. They can be customized to fit the party theme and people attending the party. The key to a good scavenger hunt is to adapt the clues to age of the guests, and to use imagination while writing the clues.

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