Scary Pepperoni Bread Stick Recipes for Halloween

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Pepperoni Halloween Bread Stick Fingers are pretty simple to whip up. There are many ways to make spooky Halloween fingers. I find that kids will gravitate towards these more often than a lot of other foods I put on the party table. Here are the ingredients you need:

1 can refrigerated bread stick dough
1 pepperoni stick, is best but slices can be used

Here is how to make the Finger Pepperoni bread sticks:

Separate bread sticks and roll into finger shapes, cut off any excess that may make the fingers too long. Place on a greased cookie sheet in a straight line.

Cut finger nail shapes from the peperoni, this can be a little challenging, make sure that your pepperoni is cut at an angle. I fond cutting at a wedge shape helped a lot. Press in to one side of the dough. Make sure this side is indented like a finger really would be.

Cut small lines where the knuckles would go on the finger.
Bake as directed.

If you want a wart on any of them, then press a raisin in the finger somewhere before baking.

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