Really Scary Masks

Really Scary just love them, don't you...I do too! I know where you can get some masks so you can have some dress up Halloween fun with your friends. Whether you are going out trick or treating, to a costume party or are going to answer the door and hand out candy, you will find the perfect mask and costume accessories. Some of these creature masks are so scary, they will make people back away from you in horror.

Here are some of the scary Halloween masks you can find at

The Donny Darko Rabbit Mask...(Frank the Bunny Mask) for those of you who have dreams about being haunted by a rabbit. This mask is a replica of Donnie Darko's haunting friend, Frank. This is a rabbit mask that fits over the head. It has white eyes, those scary teeth and huge gray ears.

Devil Skull Mask...those eyes tell victims there is not escape. This devil mask is made of latex and has over 20 horns with black mesh covering on the eye holes. This Devil Skull mask can cause nightmares!

Cyclops Mask...this mask is always a scary kind of guy, and so will you be when you put on this one eyed, chinless latex mask. There is an elastic strap to help the mask stay in place. Your eyes will be hidden from sight by wrinkles!

Pinhead Mask...Halloween is the perfect "time to play" Hellraiser! The Pinhead mask is made of white latex and it has fake teeth and of course, molded pins. !

These are just a few of the really scary masks you can find for Halloween at . You will also find thousands of Halloween costume ideas to so you get get ready for October 31st...that hauntingly horrific and fun holiday. You can get the perfect outfit if your going out on Halloween as Pinhead...Cyclops...The Devil...Or Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko. Find costumes on sale all year long and you can get some of the cheapest Halloween costume prices at Buy Costumes.

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