Scary Halloween Yard Stuff

I Found Some Scary Halloween Yard Stuff So You Can Make Your Very Own Creepy Cemetery Right In Your Front Yard.

Find Fun Halloween Ideas For Your Own Personal Cemetery. Tombstones, Graveyard Gates, Skeletons, Animated Hands Rising From The Ground, Light Up Tombstones, Nightmare On Elm Street. Find the perfect scary props and turn your front yard into a graveyard.

You can find individual tombstones or graveyard kits that contain skulls, stones, bones, spiders and webs. Take a look at this online Halloween store where you can find thousands of costumes and Halloween decorations to create the creepy, scary look you want this year. Whether it's a huge cemetery complete with a graveyard gate or just one small stone, we've got the props and accessories you need. Check the descriptions carefully to make sure you are buying exactly what you are looking for.

31 Piece Graveyard Kit

31 Piece Graveyard Kit

This graveyard kit contains 31 pieces and that includes three tombstones, bones, skulls, spiders and webs to make your yard look creepy. But there are more fun ideas you can pick from...ideas like Gruesome Ground Breakers, two arms you stake into the dirt. It looks like the dead are trying to climb out of their graves. And then there's the Animated Tombstone Lifter to really scare your family and friends. The Tombstone Lifter's face lights up as he lifts the tombstone over his head. He has red eyes that light up and he is a sound activated animated prop. While he is in motion he repeats this phrase, "Take one step into this graveyard and become one of the living dead. We are waiting for you to join us." Other sounds he makes include creepy laughter and he plays some scary music too.

Headless Zombie

Headless Zombie

There's also a Standing Ghoul Grave Digger to creep everyone you know right out. This prop is intended for indoor or covered porch use so he isn't meant for the outdoor cemetery...but he can watch over it from the safety of your front porch. Still want more? Just click on any of the pictures or links on this page to go into an online Halloween store where you can find all the Halloween Props and Decorations you need.

Find the graveyard accessories you want at the price you want to pay. You can get six dollar tombstones or animated props that cost hundreds of dollars. Skeletons and bones are usually pretty inexpensive and make a huge impact on your graveyard setting. Find the Scary Halloween Yard Stuff you need to create the creepiest outdoor Halloween display in your neighborhood. A Tombstone has many names and among them are:
  • Cenotaph
  • Gravestone
  • Grave Marker
  • Memorial
  • Monument
  • Headstone
Don't forget to think of some funny names to put on your headstones or just write R.I.P.
  • Ima Dead
  • Yul B. Next
  • A. Goner
  • Burr Reed
Some people like to put their own names on the gravestones, but I am too freaked out by the thought of that! Have fun finding and setting up your scary Halloween yard stuff this spooky and fun Halloween season.

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