Scary Halloween Recipes: Kitty Litter Cake

by Mia
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Here's a Kitty Litter Cake recipe...It's one of those Scary Halloween Recipes that will gross your friends out! Why do we try to do that anyway? LOL...Enjoy your Kitty Litter Cake!

Bake a regular cake in a 9' X 13" cake pan. Use your favorite homemade cake recipe or a boxed cake mix. Let your cake cool and then remove it from the baking pan. Put it into a new, clean kitty litter pan!

Make sure you have purchased it new from the store and washed and dried it throughly before you put your cake into it.

Frost your cake using any color icing you like. Take white or tan sandwich cookies and crumble them up. Use a lot of the cookies and completely cover the top of your iced cake with it looks like Kitty Litter. You can also use a box of Graham Crackers to make your kitty litter. Then add in some unwrapped tootsie rolls and cover part of them up with your "kitty litter" to make it look like a real kitty litter pan.

Buy a new kitty litter scoop to dish out this delicious, but scary Halloween recipe!

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