Scary Halloween Eye Ball Recipes

by Jillian
(New Jersey)

Halloween Eye Ball Recipes are really just decorated deviled eggs. To make this scary recipe you will need some hard boiled eggs, mayo, sliced black olives and some ketchup or salsa.

Boil your eggs, let them cool and peel the egg shells. Cut each egg in half and scoop out the yolk.

Put all your yolks in a bowl, mix them with mayo. You can add relish to the mix if you like it. (use your usual deviled eggs recipe)

Spoon the yolk mix back into the egg white cups. Now the fun part! Put an olive slice on each of the eggs...see how it's starting to look like an eye ball?

Take a knife, or thin brush, and dip it in ketsup or salsa. Make red lines on your eggs. These are the veins. Start off with just a little of the red and take a look at your eye ball.

Does it need more red, or do they look good as they are? That's it! Easy and fun, this is a cooking project you and your kids can do together! Make as many as you need, these Halloween Eye Balls will be a hit at your party.

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