Scary Costumes for Halloween

Frightening, terrifying, alarming, Scary Costumes for Halloween. Adults and Kids costumes that will are spooky! Macabre movie monsters like:

  • Hellraiser
  • Jigsaw Puppet from Saw
  • Ghost Face from Scream
  • Chucky from Child's Play
  • Werewolf
  • Mummy

You are going to see some of the most horrific, blood curling, scary costumes on this page. Pinhead and the Cenobites are right up top in that category. These mutilated monsters are the stars of the Hellraiser movies written by Clive Barker. If it's a FrightFest you are looking to have, the Hellraiser costumes are perfect for you.

These horrid costumes would be great for a Halloween Horror Movie Party. Sit up all night scaring each other with your costumes and scaring yourself with horror flicks!

These aren't bloodcurdling, and creepy enough for you? Well, there's some more scary Halloween costume ideas for you

  • ScarFace
  • Gravestone
  • Light up Corpse
  • Light up Vampire
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Bride
  • Killjoy the Clown
Now a Scary Clown is really horrifying! If you can't trust a clown, who can you trust?

Scary Wizard Of Oz

As if all those chilling costumes weren't enough, there are still more spine-chilling characters and costumes waiting for you. Look at these unnerving costumes

  • The Wicked of Oz Skarecrow Adult Costume
  • Wicked of Oz Wicked Witch Adult Costume
  • The Wicked of Oz Tin Woodsman Adult Costume
  • The Wicked of Oz Lion Adult Costume
  • The Wicked of Oz Flying Monkey Adult Costume

How's that for a new way to inspire horror in our hearts? Turn our beloved characters from Oz into creepy, frightening costumes. How can the Wizard of OZ have a dark side? Is nothing sacred?

Bizarre Costume Accessories

EEwww Gross Here are some really disgusting and alarming costume accessories for your Halloween costume. I hope you really want to look terrifying...between the horrifying costumes and these horrific accessories, it's going to work!

If you are serious about a scary Halloween costume, this page should do it for you.

Want to look at more Halloween costume ideas for the entire family? Take a look at our Baby, Kids, Teen, Womens and Mens costume collections.

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These are my favorite scary costumes. And since I am a horror movie fan there are lots of scary costume ideas that I really be prepared to see a lot of scary diguises here. What is your favorite scary character or costume? Share it! Let another fellow horror flick lover in on your secret.

Tell me if it's Jeepers Creepers, Saw, A Zombie or one of the Vampire costumes that are super popular this year. It might be a Werewolf...remember Lon Chaney Jr as Lawrence (Larry) Talbot?

The Hellraiser characters, Pinhead, the Chatterer and Butterball are pretty scary. Slipknot are scary and so are the new Clive Barkers outfits and there are more classics like Freddy Kruger and Michael Meyers of The Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween fame.

Don't forget Jason too. Some people like the Dark costume versions from Alice in Wonderland. Take a look at my scary costume ideas and tell me about yours.

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