Scary Bunch of Halloween Cupcake Decorations

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey USA)

Scary Bunch of  Halloween Cupcake Decorations

Scary Bunch of Halloween Cupcake Decorations

Here is a scary bunch of Halloween cupcakes for you to look at. I took a picture of our finished designs when my sister and I made some cupcakes for a Halloween party. You can see how cute they turned out, they are really not scary. All we did was prepare our usual cupcake recipe and frost them. Then we put these cupcake toppers right on them and we were done.

You can get fancier than we did if you like. Use different colored frostings or use sprinkles or colored sparkling sugars to really make your decorations stand out.

You can usually find these baking supplies at a cake decorating store. Sometimes you can even get them in your local grocery store...or you can check out where I got mine by clicking on this link...cupcake decorations...when you get to the next page go all the way down to the bottom of the page.

You can make these cute cupcakes with your kids for a Halloween treat, a school class party or a Halloween costume party. You can also find some cute Halloween costume ideas. Kids, adults and even pets get dressed up in costume these days, so serve some cute cupcakes and get dressed up in costume for some Halloween fun!

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