Saved By The Bell Trivia Questions And Answers

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Saved By The Bell Trivia Questions

1.Saved By The Bell was a spin off of what TV series?

2.The first school in Saved By The Bell is John F. Kennedy Junior High School, where is this school located?

3. Where is Bayside High School?

4. What teacher goes from JFK in Indiana to Bayside in California?

5. In the Episode Schreech's Spagetti Sauce, where did Schreech get his recipe?

6. Was Schreech in Good Morning Miss Bliss?

7. What actor played the character of Schreech?

8. Which Saved By The Bell character won the title of Miss Junior America?

9. Who wrote the Saved by the bell theme song lyrics?

10. Who played Mr Belding?

11. What was Schreech's real name?

12. What years did Saved By The Bell run?

13. Do you know who played Miss Bliss?

14. Which three teens cast in Miss Bliss were also in Saved By The Bell?

15. Who was the show's popular cheerleader?

16. Which character enjoys gossip and fashion?

17. Which character in the group was the jock?

18. Who does Schreech have a crush on?

19. Which character hides in his locker?

20. What was AC's entire name?

21. What is Jessie's full name on the TV series?

22. Which two characters live next door to each other?

23. Was there a soundtrack released?

24. Can you name two songs on the soundtrack?

25. Which character was the class president?

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Saved By The Bell Trivia Answers

1. Good Morning Miss Bliss

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

3. Los Angeles, California

4. Mr. Belding

5. The Betty Crocker Cookbook

6. Yes

7. Dustin Diamond

8. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

9. Scott Gale

10. Dennis Haskins

11. Samuel "Screech" Powers

12. The Original Series 1989-1993...Saved by the Bell: The College Years 1993-1994...Saved by the Bell: The New Class 1993-2000

13. Hayley Mills

14. Zacory "Zack" Morris played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Samuel "Screech" Powers played by Dustin Diamond, Lisa Marie Turtle played by Lark Voorhies

15. Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

16. Lisa Marie Turtle

17. "A.C." Slater Sanchez Played by Mario Lopez

18. Lisa Marie Turtle

19. Schreech

20. Albert Clifford "A.C." Slater Sanchez

21. Jessica Myrtle "Jessie" Spano

22. Zack and Jessie

23. Yes, it was the Saved by the Bell: Soundtrack To The Original Hit TV Series

24. The tracklisting is as follows:

  • "Saved by the Bell"
  • "Don't Leave With Your Love"
  • "Go for It!"
  • "Love Me Now"
  • "Make My Day"
  • "Friends Forever"
  • "Did We Ever Have a Chance?"
  • "Deep Within My Heart"
  • "Surfer Dude"
  • "Gone Hawaiian"
  • "School Song"
  • "Saved By The Bell" With Michael Damian
  • 25. Jessie

Saved By The Bell Episodes

Want more Saved By The Bell Trivia questions? Then think about each of the Saved By The Bell episodes you remember and add your own questions and answers to our list. The episodes were fun and I think there were 86 episodes, so that's a lot of thinking and remembering for you to do.

You can also check out Wikipedia Saved By The Bell Episodes to find a list of each episode, it's name and a synopsis of each one. Find all the ideas you need to make your own fun trivia questions for your party.

Like the first episode is called "Dancing to the Max" and it tells the story of how both Zack and Slater are vying to have Kelly as a dancing partner in The Max's dance contest. Zack ends up going with Jessie. Lisa already has a date for the contest, but then she sprains her ankle. Do you remember this Saved By The Bell episode?

Lisa's date finds out she has sprained her ankle and breaks the date. Schreech jumps up and invite Lisa to go with him. The ironic part of the episode...and the laugh is on Lisa's that she and Schreech win the dancing contest with a dance that Casey Kasem calls the sprain! This was such a great show. It brings all the good memories right back when you go back and review the episodes list. Go to Wiki to get more reminders for your trivia questions. Then you can make your own Saved By The Bell Trivia quizzes.

Saved By The Bell Cast and Characters

The Saved By The Bell Characters and Cast feel like kids we grew up with, don't they? And those reruns bring those fun episodes back too. The names of the cast and characters of Saved By The Bell are:

  • Zacory "Zack" Morris played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  • Samuel "Screech" Powers played by Dustin Diamond
  • Lisa Marie Turtle played by Lark Voorhies
  • Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

The cast members and characters are a great place to look for more Saved By The Bell Trivia questions and answers. I hope these fun trivia questions and answers, along with a source where you can find lots more information in the Saved By The Bell episodes and a list of the main characters who starred in this 90's TV series, helped you find a fun party game you can use to entertain your guests! Find printable trivia quizzes, word find puzzles and matching games you can buy for your party at Trivia Quizzes.

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