Sailor Moon Coloring Pages

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages are based on the Japanese Anime about girls who are heroines with magical powers.

The Sailor Senshi have two identities. An example is Sailor Mercury, who is one of the Senshi and is also Ami Mizuno, a school girl. Each one of the Senshi has a "transformation sequence" which gives her not only a uniform in her color but an elemental power as well. This all occurs because of a "Sailor Crystal", something believed to be inside each of the Senshi.

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The Sailor Senshi are:

  • Moon
  • Tuxedo Mask
  • Chibiusa
  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Pluto
  • Neptune
  • Uranus
  • Saturn

I found 21 great coloring pages and thought you would like them too!

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More of The Sailor Senshi

There are lots of pictures at Nick Jr. Free, printable and lots of fun to color!

Lots of Pictures at Nick Jr.

More sheets

Visit each of these free coloring pages and find hundreds of different themes for your children to color in. Coloring is a great way to get creative and have fun...and when the pages are free, it's even better. Get kids favorite characters on these handy sites that offer free printables.

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