Ring Toss Is A Great Carnival Party Game

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Making Carnival Games  Ring Toss

Making Carnival Games Ring Toss

Ring Toss is a great carnival party game for many reasons. It can be fifty different games...Baseball, Football, Dolphin, Fourth of July, Pirate, Monkey...the list of possible party themes you can match up your ring toss game to are as long as your imagination lets it be.

You can find the wooden rings you need for ring toss at Oriental Trading Company. Just type ring toss or wooden ring into the search box and you will be quite amazed at the long list of fun party and carnival type games you will come up with.

If you are making your own carnival games than you will still need the rings. Check out Oriental for them and for your carnival game prizes too. They have everything.

Back to the ring toss games! You can make your own...fill some plastic water or soda bottles with sand or water to weight them down and set them up on a table or on the ground. Let the kids try to toss rings around them. To win a prize the ring must be lying flat on the ground...not leaning on the bottle. You know, just like at the real carnival.

Of course this is your ring toss game so you can choose any rules you like. Whether you want to buy a ring toss game, you just need the wooden rings or you want to buy a game you can find everything you need at Oriental Trading.

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