Ring Toss Fun Carnival Party Games and Ideas

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Ring Toss with a Cowboy Theme Using An Inflatable Cactus

Ring Toss with a Cowboy Theme Using An Inflatable Cactus

If you are looking for fun carnival party games and ideas you should consider Ring Toss. It's the ultimate carnival game. Can you thing of ever going to a carnival or fair where you didn't play at least one game of ring toss?

You can toss rings around all kinds of things. Bottles, cans, inflated toys like a dolphin, a rabbit, a jungle animal. You can match your toss game to your party theme too.

Are you having a western party theme for your little cowboy or cowgirl's birthday? Then get an inflatable cactus and some wooden rings.

Are you planning a pirate party or a pink skull party? Then have A treasure chest ring toss game. Get some party favor boxes or small chests and of course, some wooden rings. Let the kids toss the rings around the chests.

Put a pirate craft kit inside the chests to use as a prize. When the ring circles the chest...completely, the kids win a pirate craft kit.

How about a Halloween ring toss game theme? There is an inflabable spider toss game set. There are also some wooden milk bottle toss game for sale. It comes with three bottles and three balls...and you can make it two games. Throw white napkins around the milk bottles and secure them with a twisty tie around the neck of the bottle. Add eyes and a mouth to the napkins and you have Ghost ring toss...just add some wooden rings.

You can find these and more fun ring toss games at the Oriental Trading Company. You can also find hundreds...maybe thousands of ideas for carnival game prizes there.

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