Race Car Party

Race Car party ideas are fun for little racers who love cars. Some party themes are difficult to plan, but a party about fast cars is fairly easy, if you have some fun ideas that kids will enjoy.

There are a couple of patterns in partyware that will be ideal to use for a race car party. Some popular kids party themes based around race cars are

  • Speed Racer and his Mark 5
  • NASCAR racing is another
  • Disney Cars Movie with Lightning McQueen
  • Hot Wheels Fast Action

Photo Props and Stand Ups for a Race Car Party

There are some very unique party decorations for a race car theme. One of them is a photo prop. It's a cardboard cutout that is is 37" wide x 25" high. The race car cutout has a hole for the face, so it's ideas to take pictures of all your party guests. There is a second photo prop that each child can sit behind, and it will look like they are driving a red race car. Lightning McQueen comes in a cardboard standup. Take a picture of each guest with Lightning, the little race car from the Disney Cars movie, and send a copy home with a thank you note. Every child, and parent, will appreciate that! There are also Gangster Cars, and a Pink Cadillac photo prop so you can take some really funny pictures. Don't take my word for it, take a look at these!

When you are talking about race car party ideas you can be sure there are some pull string pinatas available in that theme. In the fast car department there are pull string pinatas available in:
  • Disney's World of Cars 16" Pull-String Piñata
  • Red Race Car Pinata (but it's not a pullstring, so you will have to buy the conversion kit)

Race Car Party Favors

Race Car parties need some kind of favors. How about some car stickers or temporary tattoos. Something that would be fun for the kids is the Cars Mini Activity Book and Crayons set. You can find a Car party favor box filled with goodies for kids including:

  • Cars Sticker Sheet
  • a Cars Disc Launcher
  • a Cars Blowout
  • Pull-back Race Car
  • Mini Trophy
  • Bounce Ball
There is also a Speed Racer party favor box that is filled with:
  • Speed Racer Mask
  • Speed Racer Sticker Sheet
  • Wheel Yo-Yo
  • Whistle
  • Mini Trophy
  • Pull-back Race Car

Both of these party favor sets also come with a decorative party favor box.

Car Activity and Craft Ideas for a Race Car Party

If you want to check out some really cute car activities and crafts that are easy and fun for kids you should take a look at Oriental Trading. They have tons of craft kits and activity kits that will make your party the talk of the town. Here is a small list of some of the car items you can find at Oriental Trading:
  • Vroom! Car Stamps
  • Airplane Smile Face Balloon Racers
  • Make-A-Race Car Sticker Sheets
  • Race Car Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit
  • Color-Your-Own Race Car Flying Disks
  • Magic Color Scratch Race Cars
  • Color-Your-Own Fuzzy Car Posters
Look at all of them...and that's just a partial list. That's why you have to look at the site yourself. Go to the Oriental Trading Company

Race Car Party Decorations

A Race Car party is an easy party theme to find lots of decorations for. There are some very cool race car flag latex balloons. Get a dozen or so of them and decorate the party room with them.

You can find wall decorations to put on your walls and it will make your party room look just like a Disney Cars set. Of course there are car party centerpieces, and the wonderful party, plates cups and napkins printed with the Disney Cars, Speed Racer or NASCAR themes.

There are money saving party kits filled with plates, napkins, cups, streamer, invitations and more. These packs contain enough party supplies for up to 8 party guests. A Black And White Checkered Tablecloth will look great and so would a Race Car Driver Photo Door Banner. The race car party packs come in the following party themes:

  • Disney Cars
  • Speed Racer
  • Hot Wheels Fast Action

Cool Race Car Halloween or Dress Up Costumes

Get your child a cool race car Halloween Costume, or just let him use it for dress up fun anytime of the year. Kids love to play dress up, and Halloween is only one of the reasons we buy kids a costume. Moms and Dads like to let their kids dress up because it's fun, and it also helps to develope the imagination.

Here are some Kids Car Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Cars: Lightning McQueen™ Costume
  • Hot Wheels Racer Costume
  • Speedway Superstar Costume
  • #14 Tony Stewart Child Costume
  • # 24 Jeff Gordon Child Costume
  • #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Childs Costumer
  • #24 Jeff Gordon Adult Costume
  • Cars: Lightning McQueen™ Driver Costume
  • Baby Little Trees Car-Freshner Costume
  • Racing Champion Driver Costume

Race Car Party Cake Ideas

Here are several Race Car party cake ideas for your kids birthday party. You can order a bakery cake with a Racing design on it, or you can buy a cake topper to put on top of your homemade baked cake.

Car cake topper designs come in:

  • Disney Cars cake topper
  • Speed Racer cake topper
There is also a cake pan shaped like a race car and there are several theme candle sets that are perfect for a race car birthday cake.

Party Games For A Race Car Party

Car parties need some fun games, and those games should have something to do with speed
Racing Games: Form two teams and have foot races, or three legged races. These are always fun.

A pull string pinata is always a big hit as a party game at a kids party!

Cars Tablecover , "Disneys World of Cars 16"" Pull-String Pinata", "Disneys World of Cars 7"" Dessert Plates (8)", End Product Name HTML--> Cars Tablecover , "Disneys World of Cars 16"" Pull-String Pinata", "Disneys World of Cars 7"" Dessert Plates (8)", End Product Name HTML-->

You can have a relay race. It's fast and fun for kids. Form two teams and before the party, mark out a race course. The kids will have to go to the end of the course and back to the start line. Each team member will have to do this. When the first team is completely finished, you've got a winner.

Spoon and Egg Race...put a hard boiled egg on a spoon and each child has to carry it from the start point to the finish point. This is another fun game you can make teams for. Each of the kids can cheer their team members on to the finish line.

Find Some Pinewood Derby Car Plans

Make a pinewood derby car. Check out your local craft store, or an online supply store like Oriental Trading for some pinewood derby car plans, or premade wooden cars that can be painted. You can get a pinewood derby template or you might find some unpainted unassembled pinewood derby cars.

If you can find a template and know some one who is good with wood, ask if they can cut you some cars. I would just buy the actual car and let the kids assemble it and then paint it. It an easy and quick kids party craft idea and it's lots of fun too. Some kids might not even know what a pinewood derby car is, so make sure you explain it to them when you hand them out.

Race Car Party Food What's At The Pit Stop?

What kind of Race Car party food should you serve? Why not make a sign that designates your food table as the "Pit Stop". After all, isn't that where drivers take their cars to fuel up? You are fueling up your little party guests!

Make some sub sandwiches or hogies and put some flag food picks in them. Design a fruit or veggie tray so it looks like a car. Name your pizza Fast N Cheesy, or your hamburgers Wheels on Buns. Naming your party food is fun for the kids. Let's see what kind of creative names you can come up with!

After you have played games, fed your party guests and put together your pinewood racing derby car, it's time to say good bye to all your guests...and start thinking about next year's kids birthday party theme!

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