Race Car Party Ideas

Race Car Party Ideas Are A Popular Boys Birthday Party Theme...They Feel The Need For Speed!

From the time kids are very young they have a special relationship with cars, trucks...anything with horns and tires. That makes a car party theme quite popular with children...if that describes your child then here are some fun race day party ideas.

The top Race Car Party Ideas are:
  • Disney Cars
  • Checkered Flag
You can find the party supplies in these themes to decorate your party room. Why not start the party off with a fun start by taking a picture of your guests behind a Race Car Photo Prop!

Race Car Photo Prop

What a great party favor or keepsake to add to your thank you notes!

Race Car Party Invitations

Let your guests know right from the start this is a race car party...and the way to do that is by sending out race car party invitations! You can find party invitations to match each of the car theme party supplies I listed up at the top of the page. Or, if you are handy, you can make your own. Cut out construction paper using a car to trace a design...add some car stickers and your party info and you have a homemade invitation. Look at these checkered flag party invites...in a race the checkered flag means you won!

Black and White Check Invitations (8)

Black and White Check Invitations (8)

Race Car Party Decorations

I really like some of these race car party decorations. You can go very simple and still be effective or you go can loud and bold...just like the atmosphere at a race! One of my favorite party decorations for race car parties are the checkered flag balloons...don't tell me you haven't seen them...they are great!

"11"" Racing Flags Balloons (6)"

These flag balloons are packed 6 to a pack and cost about 2.50 per pack...they are inexpensive so you can get a lot of them and put them all over.

They will look nice with any of the party theme patterns, but I think they look best with the black and white check supplies.

You and your kids can make racing flags to hang around the party room. Use car stickers or pictures of cars to decorate them. Hang them on a wall or string them up around the room. You can do the same thing with traffic signs and lights if you are craft and can draw them. If you don't feel like making some of your decorations, buy them. Here are some "Racing Car Cutouts "

These black and white check pendents are the ones I would pick...do you see a pattern emerging? I guess I would pick the black and white check set.

120' Checkered Outdoor Pennant Banner

120' Checkered Outdoor Pennant Banner

Race Car Party Games

When you choose a fast paced and exciting kids party theme like Race Cars you are going to need a lot...I repeat...A LOT of party games! Fun, Fast and Exciting Party Games.

You have already planned to take a picture of each guest when they arrive at your party...then it's time to start the games right away.

Race Car Party Ideas Game # 1

The First game for your race car party ideas can be a calm one. It is easy to plan and set up. It is easy to play. It's called Guess How Many. Find a large jar, fill it with some small plastic cars or car candies. Count them as you fill the jar. Get a pad and a pen. Let each child guess how many cars or candies are in the jar. Write down each name and their guess. The one who guesses the closest number to the actual number of items in the jar is the winner and gets to keep all those cars.

Race Car Party Ideas Game # 2

Race Car Drivers hate Traffic Lights, but sometimes you just have to deal with it. Have someone be the traffic light. They get two signs...one is a red light, one is a green light. They must hold up the sign and yell red or greeen light. The players stand back away from the traffic light. Their goal is to reach him or her...but they are held back everytime the light is red. So for the kids to advance the light holds up the green sign and yells "green light"...to get the kids to stop the light must hold up the red sign and yell "red light", the children must stop. The first to reach the light wins a prize and becomes the light for the next round.

Race Car Party Ideas Game # 3

Find a large black tube or some kind of inflatable ring. Play Roll The Tire...let your party guests try to roll the "tire" across the room or even across the yard. This could be part of a fun relay race for the kids.

Race Car Party Ideas Game # 4

Which Race Car Driver Am I? This is a simple game to play. Get stickers and write the names of some race car drivers on them. When your guests arrive put a sticker on their back. Each guest has to guess which driver he is...but...he or she can only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no answer. The first one to figure out which driver they are wins!

Race Car Party Ideas Game # 5

The Ultimate Race Car Party Game...have a relay race. Form two teams into two lines. Have two start and two mid-point spots. Put a large tire or a garbage can at the mid-point. Get two tricycles and let each team member take a ride on them. They must stay on the trike and go to the midpoint, circle it and head back to the start line where it is the next persons turn. The first team to complete the challenge with everyone completeing the cycle event is the winner! Hand prizes to both teams...this is a very challenging game.

Race Car Party Ideas For Food

Food for a race car party is easy...serve what they serve at the track. Don't forget to keep a fun menu of race car-themed foods. Decorate a cake with a race car or offer the guests black frosted donuts, which can resemble tires. Set up a concession stand, resembling ones at actual car races, with hot dogs, chips, beverages and nachos available. This is an easy kids birthday party menu to arrange. Serve it all up in your party supplies...the white and black checkered pattern, NASCAR or Disneys Cars 2.

Race Car Party Favor Ideas

You are in luck when you start looking for race car party favor ideas...there are lots of them! Here are some of my favorites:

Yo-Yo - Wheel (1)

Yo-Yo - Wheel (1)

Or you can pick the pre-packed party favor box you see on the right side of the page. All of these are great ideas and which ever favors you choose the kids are sure to have lots of fun with them! You can also make your own goodie bags by getting the bags and filling them with small toy cars, car-themed pencils and erasers, small flags, bubbles and stickers.

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