Quizzy's Corner and Employment Center in Webkinz World

by Karen
(Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

There are several fun ways to earn KinzCash in your new Webkinz World. Besides the daily activities you can earn cash by playing in "Quizzy's Corner" or take a job in the "Employment Office". Give your new virtual pet a job!

Quizzy's Corner

Quizzy's Question Corner is a way to earn KinzCash by answering trivia questions. You start by picking your age category and then pick a subject. Subjects vary from Pop Culture to the Environment. On the individual level under your age your subjects are Arts, Science, Math, Health, Social Studies and Language. Once you complete a set of questions in each subject you will be awarded a stamp. You can view your status in the "Your Scores and Status" book at the front of Quizzy's page.

Besides earning KinzCash for every question on Quizzy's Corner you will also unlock certain jobs in the Employment Office. If you finish the first Math series of questions, you unlock the "KinzPost Sorter" job.

Employment Office

The Employment Office is another great place to visit to earn KinzCash, but you need to be careful because if you do not fulfill the employment opportunity correctly, you will be awarded nothing. Some jobs require your expertise is some areas. For instance, if you do not have enough gems you will not be able to complete the "Gem Mining" job function in the Employment Office. You can complete a Webkinz Job every 8 hours.

Party Idea: Add a Webkinz Charm or two as a party prize. Webkinz Charms unlock the "Magical Charm Forest" in the Webkinz World. In the Magical Charm Forest you can collect virtual charms, earn exclusive Webkinz prizes or collect more KinzCash.

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