Simple and Quick Crafts for Kids!

Quick Crafts for Kids Parties are so much fun! Why should you include a kids craft project in your party plans?

Kids craft projects are fun and fun is what kids parties are all about.

Here are some tips so your craft projects flow smoothly.

Prepare your crafting tools the day before your party.
Set up your craft area before your party guests arrive.

Have your craft project ready to start your craft project as soon as the first child arrives. It will occupy your party guests as you wait for everyone to arrive. It will let the children introduce themselves as they work together as a team. You can even let them take their craft project home and it will become a homemade party favor.

You can find plenty of craft kits at your local craft store or at Oriental Trading Company. Another craft project source is S&S. These are the best places online that I have found for any kind of crafting. There are a few craft ideas you can prepare for at home, but always remember, to prepare your party activities early in the day, or even the day before the party. You want to be ready to start partying as soon as the first guest arrives.

Take a look at our kids quick craft ideas and see which one fits your party theme the best.

Make Your Own Play Dough.

Tee Shirt Decorating Ideas: Get a plain, white T-shirt for each guest. Prepare some cute rubber stamps and some fabric paint. Place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt.(this is so the paint doesn't bleed through to the back of your shirt.) The children can dip the stamps into the paint, dab or shake off any excess, and make some fabulous designs on their shirts.

Make Bead Necklaces
You can use beads to make a necklace, or you can use macaroni. Buy the supplies you need.
  • Chains
  • Beads
  • Pasta
  • String
  • Glue
Tie a knot in one end of the string and begin to slide beads onto it. Let each child pick his or her beads so that the necklace is their own design. If you are using macaroni instead of beads, pick some unique and interesting shapes. Spray them with safe paint or food coloring the day before the party. You can use an elastic cord to make the necklaces stretchy. Jewelry Making
This is along the same lines as the necklace. You can make bracelets the same way. Be sure to take a look at Oriental Trading Company for jewelry making kits.

Plant a Seed

Get a small clay or plastic pot for each child, and a nice sized scoop. Cover a table with some newspaper to make your clean up easy. Put some seeds and potting soil on the table, along with the clay pots. Let each child paint or color a design on the clay pot. Use stickers to decorate plastic pots. Let each child put a scoop or two of potting soil into his or her pot. Have them drop a few seeds into the potting soil and then cover the seeds with another scoop of the soil.

The List of Quick Crafts for Kids

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You can use these quick crafts for kids at home anytime at all. Spend some fun and quality time with your children while you are having lots of crafting fun.

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