Quarters Game

by The BeerMeister, Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Quarters game is said to have originated in Pa. at Penn State University, but whether this claim is true or not I cannot guarantee, but I can tell you haow to play it. Here are the instructions on how to play quarters and spend a good time with friends and buddies.

This game would, of course, need quarters, a large amount of beer and cups for each player.

How to play Quarters:

A cup for each player in this game. The cup has to be filled to the rim with their drink of choice.

You need to bounce off quarters, and make sure they land in a cup.

If the quarter does not fall in a cup, next player gets to bounce off the quarter.

If it lands in a cup, that player who bounced off the quarter gets to choose the person who will empty their cup.

If the player gets to bounce off the quarter and lands them in a cup, three in a row, that player comes up with a new rule. The rule gets broken should another player get another three in a row.

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