Purse Pinata

A Purse Pinata is a great party idea for a girls birthday party, but you can use it with your tea party ideas too! Fancy Nancy will love this pinata as much as she likes the one that says "OOH La La!" I know, a tea party is supposed to be a very lady like affair...but kids are kids and they will want to play a party game...that's where this pinata comes into the picture!

Blindfold your party guests, one at a time, and then let them swing a stick at the purse. Give each one a turn until someone breaks the pinata open and lets all the candies and goodies spill out! You can also buy a pull string conversion kit if you don't like the swinging stick part of this game. Just make sure all your guests are well out of the "Swing Zone"!

Here is a cute party favor idea...it's a purse filled with glitter lip gloss, some nail polish, body glitter and some stick on earrings! Absolutely perfect for a girl's party, whether it's a Princess Theme, Fancy Nancy or a Diva Girl Party...and it matches your party pinata!

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