Puppy Dog Birthday Party Themes

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Supplies are one of the most popular selling party item. Do you know what that means? It means that lots of kids are having birthday parties with a puppy dog theme. Is your child a doggie lover? This might just be the party theme you have been looking for!

If this isn't the cutest assortment of canines on these party supplies I don't know what is! Your kid's birthday party is going to be so much fun using the DOG party theme! Any Doggie fan would just be thrilled with this party idea.

You know you can find plates, cups, and doggie party invitations, but were you expecting a Dog Bone Pinata?

Puppy DOG Birthday Party Games

Fill this Bone up with treats and goodies and let the kids playthe pinata game. But this Pinata is not the only Dog party game idea you will find here. You can play old classic games like Pin the Tail on the Doggie...Just get a picture of a Dog and cut out some paper to look like a dog's tail. Let the kids try to put the tail back in the correct spot! You can also use the nose instead of the tail.

Have you ever heard of a Mexican Yell Contest? Well...for Dog party ideas you can use something similar. Have a Dog Bark Contest. Let each party guest give his biggest,loudest bark! It can be a fierce bark or a funny bark. Let all the guests vote on the best bark or just give everyone a prize for entering the contest!

More Dog Games

Where Did That Dog Hide The Bone? It's like a treasure hunt game, but instead of looking for a pirate's treasure chest your party guests are going to be looking for doggie bones! You can cut bone shaped pieces of paper and hide them around your yard or the party room. Let the kids find them. When everyone has some paper bones, it's time to count them up. Who ever has the most can be the first up in the next game...Bark Bark Growl! It's another classic party game for youngsters, it's usually called Duck Duck Goose. Kids love this chasing game, and now that you have given it a new name they will love it even more.

How about a bean bag toss game? The Feeding the Dog Game is easy to prepare for. Get a box and put a hole in it. Then wrap the box in doggie wrapping paper, or plain paper decorated with doggie pictures. Throw a doggie bone into the hole in the box. If you are feeling artistic you can make the box look like a dog's face and the hole is the mouth!

Puppy Dog Party Favors are really easy to find..and they are quite unusual. You can choose from a prepared favor box for your party guests or get some DOG Bone Crayons! Print out some Doggie pictures and give them to each guest with these cute crayons.

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Your Puppy Dog Birthday Party ideas need some cute cupcakes with some doggie bones on them You can bake your cupcakes as usual. Bake some small doggie bone cookies and top your frosted cupcakes...I mean Pupcakes...with them. You can bake a birthday cake that looks like a paw. Make your round cake and also bake 4 cupcakes.

Make some Dog bone Cookies using a bone shaped cookie cutter or you can make some rice and marshmellow treats and shape them like dog bones while the marshmellow is still warm.

Kids and adults alike love dogs, big dogs small dogs and that is one of the reasons The DOG party supplies are on top of the list as a popular party theme!

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