Pumpkin Teeth To Make Your Carved Pumpkins Unique

Pumpkin Teeth Along With Pumpkin Decorting Kits Is Going To Change The Way You Design Carved Pumpkins. You Are Going To Put Some BITE Into Your Carvings.

This is a set of 18 glow in the dark teeth that can be used to decorate your pumpkins year after year. Carve your pumpkins as usual with whatever pumpkin decorating kits you use but make sure to make the mouth bigger than usual so these unique teeth fit. You can make your pumpkin scary by using the big sharp teeth or you can make your pumpkin funny looking by using the big buck teeth.

Glow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin Teeth (18)Glow in the Dark Buck Pumpkin Teeth (18)

18 Glow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin Teeth

Set of 18 Buck Teeth For Pumpkins

Just think how much more fun your pumpkin carving is going to be. I want to have a pumpkin carving party this year just to be able to share these great pumpkin decorating tools with my friends.

There are three different sets of teeth. One is the Buck Teeth and there are 18 to a pack, 8 small, 6 medium and 4 large. The small teeth are .5" high, the medium are 1" and the largest teeth are 1.25". The Buck Teeth glow in the dark.

There are two sets of Fang looking Pumpkin Teeth. One set is very white and the other set is a glow in the dark set. You decide which one will look best on your pumpkins. The fangs are longer than the buck teeth with the smallest being 1.25" high...that's as big as the largest of the buck teeth. The middle size is about 2" high and the largest are about 3" high.

You are going to have to make the mouths of your pumpkins big enough to fit these scary looking fang teeth in. Your carved pumpkins are going to look extra special this year thanks to these fun Halloween pumpkin decorating teeth


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