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Pumpkin Pictures plus pie and filling recipes...fresh pie and even a muffin recipe or two, how to roast those delicious seeds, carving kits, supplies, templates and ideas, metal and plastic pumpkin decorations, Disney, funny and scary carving patterns, pumpkin coloring pages...how about drawing a pumpkin face? You can find lots of fun ideas for Autumn and for Halloween on this page plus lots of pumpkin pictures.

Pumpkins at Twilight at a Pumpkin Stand

I know I love to look at pictures and I went to a pumpkin festival this year. It was held in two barns. There were 60 carved or decorated entries and most were made using a 50 pound pumpkin.

Now that is not nearly as big as the world's largest pumpkin that weighs in at 1810 pounds...yes, that is one thousand eight hundred and ten pounds... from a farmer in Wisconsin. The weight has been verified by the Guiness Book of World Records. What helped this pumpkin grow to record size? The owner, Chris Stevens, said he used seaweed, cow manure and fish emulsion. Stinky...but I guess it works!

Take a look at our pumpkin pictures and if you like, show us some of yours. We would love to see them...we love sites like Extreme Pumpkin and Carving Pumpkins...and we want to gather as many pictures of carved Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkins, watermelons or anyother fruits and veggies as we can. We also want painted pictures...and just to make it tasty, throw in your pumpkin pie recipes, pumpkin pie filling recipes and let us know how you roast your pumpkin seeds.

Got some pumpkin coloring pages? We'll take them too or show us how to draw a pumpkin or make a carving template...we've literally gone pumpkin crazy!

Have Any Awesome Pumpkin Carvings or Pictures, Pie Recipes or How to Make Pumpkin Seeds?

Do you have a great picture or recipe that involves pumpkins? How about any other fruit or veggie carvings? This is the place...let it all out...your pumpkin pie recipes, filling recipes, let us know how to roast those pumpkin seeds. Take a look at our ideas and pictures and show us some of yours. Share it!

We love Halloween and the fall...and pumpkins! Carving them, eating them, painting them, finding coloring pages of them...you name it, if it has to do with a pumpkin, we want to know.

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Cowboy Pumpkin Carved With Stars For Eyes Not rated yet
This Cowboy Pumpkin was made with stars for eyes. He has his cowboy hat on and some hair too. The daytime shot shows the detail much better than the …

Headless Man Carved Pumpkin Display Not rated yet
This is the Headless Man carved pumpkin display we found at the Giant Pumpkin Carve. It's a fundraiser that is held every year for Meals on Wheels in …

Carved Pumpkin With Spiders and Rats Not rated yet
We saw this carved pumpkin with spiders and rats at the Giant Pumpkin Carve this October. We took a picture of it with and without lights, plus a view …

Tweety Bird Painted On A Pumpkin Not rated yet
Love Tweety Bird? We found a Tweety Bird painted on a pumpkin! He is way to cute, don't you agree? This painted Cucurbitaceae was out on display at …

Penguin Painted On A Pumpkin Not rated yet
Here's a penguin painted on a pumpkin and he is a cute little guy. If you are handy with paints and a brush why not paint your pumpkins instead of carving …

A Flower Carved Into A Pumpkin Not rated yet
Winning the prize for the prettiest pumpkin was this flower carved into a pumpkin. It's not too difficult to create a design like this so make sure you …

Tiger Made From Pumpkins Another Amazing Pumpkin Picture Not rated yet
Have you ever seen a Tiger made from pumpkins? My sister, Joyful, and I went to the Giant Pumpkin Carving fund raising event for Salem County Meals on …

Here's an Awesome Pumpkin Picture...It's a Scorpion Not rated yet
We found this Scorpion made from Pumpkins at the Giant Pumpkin Carve in Salem County, NJ. Just look at this amazing pumpkin design. How do you think …

An Awesome Pumpkin Carving LE CARROUSEL MACABRE  Not rated yet
This awesome pumpkin carving display was called the LE CARROUSEL MACABRE...it was a pumpkin with a moving carousel on top of it...yes, a macabre carousel...perfect …

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings The Igloo and Eskimo Pumpkin Not rated yet
This Igloo and Eskimo is one of the really awesome pumpkin carvings we found at the Great Pumpkin Carve in Salem County, New Jersey. Joyful and I went …

A Ghost Carved Into A Pumpkin Not rated yet
Here's a ghost carved into a pumpkin from the Giant Pumpkin Carve in Salem County, New Jersey. The Pumpkin Carve is an annual fund raiser held in October …

Here's A Cute Design Carved Into A Giant Pumpkin Not rated yet
Joyful and I went to the Giant Pumpkin Carve...a Meals on Wheels fund raiser in Salem County, NJ. Be sure to check it out next year...it's good old fashion …

The Giant Pumpkin Carve A Pirate Ship From A Pumpkin Not rated yet
Joyful and I went to the Giant Pumpkin Carve in Salem County, New Jersey. There were two barns filled with painted and carved pumpkins...many of which …

Pictures of Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Festival Not rated yet
We went to a Pumpkin Festival in October. It was a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels in Salem County...if any of this information is incorrect, please let …

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