Prom Party Ideas And Themes

Prom Party Ideas And Themes So You Can Plan The Best Prom With The Best Theme Ever.

Prom time is fun and it's supposed to be exotic, different from all the other dances, and you can make that happen with these beautiful prom decorating kits.

Arabian Paradise Gazebo Each

Imagine Having Your Prom Picture Taken With This Exotic Arabian Theme Tent As The Background.

Prom is short for Promenade and it is usually a formal dance usually held for juniors and seniors in high school. Some classes spend years planning their proms, from choosing a theme, holding class fundraisers, buying decorations, and finally choosing and decorating a venue. It's a wonderfully exciting time in a teen's life and it should be!

Stumps Theme Kits and Accessories

If you are on a prom committee and are looking for some great prom theme ideas, here's a list of exciting ideas for you. These party decorations are pretty spectacular and will help create a fabulous and unique party atmosphere for a prom, a birthday, or any other reason you find to celebrate.

80's Event Theme
Arabian Event Theme
Asian Event Theme
Black Tie Theme
Breast Cancer Awareness Event Theme
Candy Event Theme
Carnival Event Theme
Casino Event Theme
Castle Event Theme
City Event Theme
Disco Event Theme
Egyptian Theme
Enchanted Forest Event Theme
Fiesta Event Theme
Fifties Event Theme
Fire and Ice Event Theme
Gangster Theme
Garden Event Themes
Glow Event Theme
Grand March Theme
Halloween Event Supplies
Hip Hop Theme
Holidays Event Theme
Hollywood Event Theme
India Event Theme
Italian Event Theme
Jazz Event Theme
Jungle Event Theme
Luau Event Theme
Mardi Gras Event Theme
Masquerade Theme
Modern Event Theme
Nautical Event Theme
Paris Event Theme
Patriotic Event Theme
Phantom Event Theme
Polka Dot Event Theme
Pool Event Theme
Rainforest Event Theme
Retro Event Theme
Rock Star Event Theme
Safari Event Theme
Starry Night Event Theme
Stars Event Theme
Time Event Theme
Tropical Event Theme
Underwater Event Theme
Vampire Theme
Venice Event Theme
Wedding Event Theme
Western Event Theme
White Party Theme
Winter Event Theme
Wizard of Oz Event Theme
Wonderland Event Theme

There are so many wonderful and exciting prom party ideas and themes that the most difficult part is choosing just one! Here's another of the great theme packages Stumps has put together to make your prom decorating easy and fun. This prom theme idea is called Evening In The Amazon Kit

Evening In The Amazon Kit

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